Kingsville Newsletter

Newsletter No.12 - 12/05/2023

Acting Principal’s Message

Foundation information night

An information evening for prospective Foundation/ Prep parents / carers, was held on Wednesday night in the school hall.

It was a very successful event with over 60 parent / carer participants attending with a large proportion of those looking to place their first child into primary school.  A very high percentage were from within the KPS school neighbourhood area (zone) however, a number were from outside the area who may choose to lodge an expression of interest for their child / ren to gain a place at KPS. It was also wonderful to see current Kingsville parents and carers in atendance, for some attending the information night for the first time due to the fact that when their first child enrolled we were experiencing the global pandemic.

The first part of the evening saw a presentation from myself, Sam Eason and Blagma Veljanoska outlining key information about our school including beliefs, values, teaching and learning programs, the enrolment process, the transition experience and family engagement opportunities.

Additionally the group was entertained by short video produced by our School Captains Levi Giacom  and Gauri Gautam and School Vice-Captains Ben Marmo, Amelia Tagg where they each shared a story of their prep life six year ago. There was also an entertaining, informative, professionally produced short film - “The Life of Foundation Students at KPS” capturing a snapshot of life in Foundation.

Following this the parents along with Foundation staff Mike Carey, and Frances Waugh, moved across to the current Foundation classrooms. Prospective parents were able to tour the classrooms, ask questions and hear from the teachers.

Thank you to the members of Leadership and Foundations teachers who came together and ensured a memorable evening.  

Kingsville Staffing News

I was excited to be able to share with the parents and carers of 1/2D today that we have been successful in employing a classroom teacher for the class.

Caitlin Hamer was the successful applicant, and we are thrilled that she is joining the staff of Kingsville Primary School. I am sure the parents and carers of 1/2D, along with the broader community, will make her feel welcomed and valued.

Caitlin will be joining us on Monday 22nd of May, concluding her contract at her current school before transferring to Kingsville. Until then Sarah Williamson and Savannah Wang, both who have taught the class this week will be teaching the class next week

Jeff McDonald
Acting Principal

Thank you and well done!

What a wonderful opportunity was provided for our students on Wednesday with an amazing Mother’s and Other’s Day stall springing up in the hall.

It is a highly valued event only made possible each year due to very generous parent volunteers who donate their time. I’d like to thank the members of the parent community, led by Ann Salmon, who provided KPS students with the opportunity to surprise their mums, aunties, grandmothers, carers, or other special figure in their life through the Mother’s and Other’s Day Stall. Activities such as this continue to build community and connection between school and home and is highly valued by Kingsville families

I am pleased to report that I visited the stall and was in awe of the range and quality of gifts on offer for students to buy and all at such reasonable prices. I cannot imagine many schools having such a range of ‘goodies’ for their students to purchase.

As has been the case over recent years the Friends of KPS team – subcommittee of school council are responsible for this event and the 2023 Mother’s and Other’s Day stall was a great success.

Thank you and well done everyone. I wish all those significant Mothers and Others a very special day on Sunday.

Education Week 2023

Education Week is an annual celebration of education in Victoria.

This year, Education Week runs from Sunday 14 to Saturday 20 May. The theme “Active Learners: Move, Make, Motivate” celebrates the many ways students learn, through physical activity, hands on learning and student voice.

Education Week is an opportunity for our school to celebrate and share with you how we encourage our students to be active learners.

Through the teaching and learning at Kingsville Primary School, we continually develop our students to be active learners, and this year’s Education Week offers a great opportunity to share this with you.

As part of Education Week, we are thrilled to invite you into classrooms for the Maths Open Afternoon: a fun-filled event planned as part of our Education Week celebrations!

On Thursday 18 May from 2:30pm to 3:30pm, Parents and Carers are invited into their child’s classroom to explore some of the fun, engaging and concept driven maths games we routinely play during our maths lessons. Playing maths games is an enjoyable and interactive way to help build numeracy skills, problem solving abilities and confidence, and it can help foster a positive attitude towards learning. 

The Maths Open Afternoon, which follows the Maths information Night in Term 1, offers our community the opportunity to gain further insight into our teaching and learning practices in Numeracy.

We will share further information next week and in the lead up to open afternoon.

We look forward to welcoming you all into our classrooms and engaging in high-quality numeracy activities together!

Health and P.E News - District Cross Country

I am thrilled to report that our district Cross Country event held on Monday 8/5/23 was a great success. Despite the wet and muddy conditions, our students rose to the challenge and gave it their all against some tough competition. It was really inspiring to see our KPS athletes demonstrate such resilience and determination.

This year the students had a new track designed for them to accommodate the wet and muddy conditions, one that would be both challenging and safe for our students. From all reports it was a huge hit with everyone, and it added an extra element of excitement to the day.

KPS won the day on overall points but came second, by only a few points, after the BoN handicap was added. An amazing result.

I would like to extend my praises and thanks to all the staff and parents who volunteered their time and energy to make this event possible. Without your dedication and support, we could not have pulled off such a successful event. Your contributions were invaluable, and we are grateful for all that you do for our school community.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the 15 students who will be advancing to the next level of competition on Wednesday 31/5/23 at Brimbank Park. These students showed exceptional skill and determination, and we wish them the best of luck as they continue to represent our school in this highly talented competition.

Once again, I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who helped make our district Cross Country event such a wonderful success. We look forward to seeing our students continue to grow and excel in their athletic pursuits.

Nick Fitzpatrick

PE, Health and Sports Coordinator

Building and Grounds – Working Bee

Last Saturday, 6th May, the Buildings & Grounds sub-committee held its second Working Bee for 2023. Although the weather forecast for the day wasn’t positive, the adjustment to the start time saw those that were able to attend find a weather window to complete a number of significant jobs.

Thanks to the sub-committee for their organisation and for all the families who were able to spend time working to develop and improve our grounds. Notable projects achieved on the day were the replenishing and rejuvenation of the Indigenous Garden beds along Bishop Street, with the planting of one hundred plus native bushes and grasses. The moving of the pile of mulch at the Cruickshank Park gate into garden beds and planter boxes. Work in the kitchen garden compost bin and garden beds to have that ready for use by classes and the kitchen garden club. A couple of tougher labouring jobs included replenishing the sand in the Julian Street sandpit and restacking the recycled bricks in the dumpster area.

A well-deserved sausage and coffee concluded the morning, just as the rain began to get heavier.

We look forward to continuing this great work into 2023.

B&G Subcommittee of School Council

Class Representative Network

It is wonderful to inform the community that we have  Class Representatives in each class. Once again thank you to those in the list below for taking up this role.


Class              Class Rep     

FFW                Lauren Le Fevre        

FMC                Erin Bell         

FRT                 Jake Collie     

1/2 A               Oscar Hernandez       

1/2 C               Erin Breheny  

1/2 D               Martine Friend

1/2 E               Michaela Hickey         

1/2 J                Elizabeth Williams      

1/2 M               Rhiana Whitson, & Tegan Kenny      

3/4 F                Moira Cann &  Pip Mulhallen 

3/4 B               Hannah Williams        

3/4 I                 Felicity Maxwell          

3/4 H               Jessica Monk 

3/4 L                Kate Simnett" 

3/4 S               Petra Fawcett 

5AA                 Gabby Mason

5DS                 Deb Mansfield

5CH                 Lisa Richardson         

6LA                  Simone Barlow           

6JL                  Chris Mazis    

6CM                Kirsten Glasson         

Each Class Rep has built an online community space for families of each class to engage and build a greater social connection for the adults and children of each class. Please look out for a Compass post from your child’s teacher with additional information about theses spaces.

Kingsville Awards

Please see below the list of children who will be presented with their award at assembly on Friday 19th May

1/2C    Maha Musadiq

1/2E     Tj McMahon

1/2J     Helina Tebeje

1/2M    Zelda Dyson

1/2J     Charlotte Williams-Valadares

3/4L     Emil Chominsky

3/4H    Marsal Salim

3/4I      Preetam Balu

3/4F     Rupert White   

3/4S     Cristina Tran

3/4B     Justin Curmi

5DS     David Guenthner

5AA     Millie Wheeler

5CH     Hazel McIlroy

6JL      Izzy Buchhorn

6LA      Teddy Elg


Please see below the list of children who were presented with their award at assembly today, Friday 12th May

1/2C     Emily Hayes

1/2E    Devon Naicker

1/2M    Clementine Ireton

3/4L     Oscar Monk

3/4H     Zach Boddey

3/4F     Iris Mulhallen

3/4I      Sena Kellam

3/4S   Jethro Blassan

3/4B   Harriet Nairn

6CM    Ted Lavery

6JL      Daisy Mitchell

6LA     Rosie O'brien

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday from the 12th – 25th May to:

Niamh Avery, Hattie Fogarty, Oslow Earles, Hamish Monk, Isabelle Wu, Emma Nesbit, Ivy Gordon, Mikayla Tsiflidis, Maha Musadiq, Tessa Moon, Archie Buckley, Sena Kellam, Maggie Cann, Freya Mcglone, Parv Thacker, Pearl Persoglia Freeman, Malaki Germaine, Marlo Cash, Jarvis Warn, Timoci Chung, Heeva Thacker, Benjamin Taylor, Lachlan Stevens and Cuong Le.

Dates to Remember

Term 2

Tues May 16:              Photo Day

Thurs May 18              Education week activity – Open classroom afternoon

Tues May 30               Level 1/2 excursion to Melbourne Museum - group 1

Thurs June 1               Level 1/2 excursion to Melbourne Museum - group 2

Fri June 2                   Winter Gala Day

Mon June12                Public Holiday

Tues June13               Pupil Free Day

Tues June 20              Student Led Conferences

Wed June 21                  Student Led Conferences

Term 2 2023 - Friday Assembly Roster

19 May - Item by 12A
26 May - Item by FFW
2 June - Item by 34S
9 June - Item by 6CM
16 June - No Assembly Item
23 June - Last Day Term 2 - No Assembly Item

2023 Term Dates

Term 1 Friday 27 January to Thursday 6 April
Term 2 Monday 24 April to Friday 23 June
Term 3 Monday 10 July to Friday 15 September
Term 4 Monday 2 October to Wednesday 20 December