Newsletter 14th July 2023


Principal's Message

Welcome back to all 484 students from our 355 families. Week one has seen students reconnect and settle back into school life and staff engage in collaborative planning with colleagues and teams.

Term 3 of Semester 2 is a 10-week term finishing on Friday 15th September.  This may sound like a significant period of time; however, it is now only 44 school days taking into account the student free day to be held on Friday 4th August.

Every school term is busy with program provision, enrichments and experiences across a wide range of areas. In Term 3 these will include camps, incursions, excursions and sporting events to name just a few.  Families being aware of all school dates and how they relate to their child or children in particular grade levels is important. Please check dates to remember in newsletters, information provided by teachers and the Compass platform and incorporate these into your family school planning overall.    

Congratulations to all members of the school community for their contribution to a great start to the term.

Kath Ginnane


Changes to NAPLAN Reporting 2023

Please also see COMPASS post of 12th July 2023.

Ahead of the release of NAPLAN results for students from Monday July 17th, it is important to remind all families about the significant changes relating to the reporting of NAPLAN results in 2023.

As outlined in the COMPASS post, results in 2023 will be different from previous years.  Due to the changes put in place nationally by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), there will be differences in the way results are provided to schools and parents.

The previous national minimum standard has been done away with.  As a result, the previous ten (10) assessment bands have been reduced to four (4) proficiency categories being:

  • Exceeding: the student’s result exceeds expectations at the time of testing.
  • Strong: the student’s result meets challenging but reasonable expectations at the time of testing.
  • Developing: the student’s result indicates that they are working towards expectations at the time of testing.
  • Needs additional support: the student’s result indicates that they are not achieving the learning outcomes expected at the time of testing. They are likely to need additional support to progress satisfactorily. It will be the clear responsibility of schools to ensure these students are provided with the additional support needed to progress satisfactorily, informed by NAPLAN results, other school-based assessment data and teachers’ knowledge of these students.

It is vital for parents and guardians to understand that the 2023 results should be viewed according to the new current national categories and their descriptors.  Comparison to previous student ratings in NAPLAN which were a result of the past assessment framework should not be made.

Information regarding the collection of student NAPLAN reports


Blagma Veljanoska

Leading teacher – Assessment and Reporting


Planning Week

Over the course of this week, staff at KPS have engaged in what is known as “planning week”.  This opportunity, held once a semester, allows teaching teams to collaboratively plan the teaching and learning experiences for the upcoming term and semester.

Kingsville, through the PYP framework, utilises an inquiry-based, student-centred transdisciplinary curriculum framework that builds conceptual understanding. Through acknowledging and aiming to meet the diverse needs of the student – physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally – the programme aims to create learning that is engaging, relevant challenging and significant.

Through the collaborative planning process, staff reflect on the teaching and learning program from Semester 1, and develop and refine the teaching and learning experiences for Term 3 and beyond. This “broad-stroke” planning maps the transdisciplinary themes, concepts and ideas to be explored throughout the semester, providing a framework staff as they engage in responsive, data-driven planning through the ongoing meeting cycle of professional learning communities (PLCs).

Following planning week, the programme of inquiry will be finalised and shared with the community. This document captures the key concepts, issues and ideas that are explored across each level of the school, and highlights the transdisciplinary nature of the teaching and learning at KPS. The programme of inquiry will be updated and shared with the community next week via the website.

Sam Eason
Assistant Principal

Student Reports

At the end of last term, Semester reports were opened to KPS families, sharing the successes and next steps for students across the cohorts at KPS. In “diving into some data” around this we can see that:

212 student reports have been viewed once

111 student reports have been viewed twice

54 student reports have been viewed three times

407 student reports have been viewed 1 – 5 times

 9 student reports have been viewed more than 5 times

There are still 71 students across KPS who haven’t had their semester reports accessed. We appreciate that the term break can be a busy time for families, and there are some students and families on extended breaks. We expect that all reports will be accessed in the near future. If you need any help or guidance on how to do this please email or call the school.

Sam Eason
Assistant Principal

Staffing Update: New Staff Member

Education, like all other professions, has a literature of best practice a collective wisdom born of research and experience that points the way to success. It’s not a formula, of course humans are varied, messy in their wants and needs and young humans is this case Kingsville students, P-6 are no less so.

Whilst there is no error–proof way to teach, we know a great deal about teaching and learning and research and practice have clarified and continue to clarify pedagogical principles and procedures that merit our attention, investigation, and appropriate application. We know what effective classrooms look like and the attributes of a classroom learning environment and instructional practices that contribute to success. We know also that early intervention and differentiation of instruction is absolutely vital for student achievement.

At Kingsville, every child is viewed, treated and respected as an individual who has specific needs, challenges and backgrounds to consider.

Certain percentages will struggle in some areas of learning and achievement at some point, others will shine and then at various times in their learning or social development pathways, will require intervention or support. Some of our students have an ESL (English as a second language) background, which requires strategic intervention, others have a specific medical or learning diagnosis that requires additional differentiation and support by teachers and possibly other experts.

We are also very proud at Kingsville to support a number of students with funded conditions that see support by a teacher aide or other resources. This situation is no different than it was when I began my teaching career. What has changed however is that more students are being identified for more exceptionalities that impact on their learning and development.

With this in mind, Kingsville is pleased to welcome Leila Sheehan as a member of the staff. Leila will be working with myself in support of student wellbeing and inclusion. Significantly Leila will support students and staff as we continue to value and support all student to fully participate, learn, develop, and succeed within an inclusive school culture.

Jeff McDonald

Assistant Principal


Hello and welcome back KPS families,

My name is Leila Sheehan and I have recently joined the KPS staff as the Inclusion Leader. My experience spans across the South-West and South-East regions where I have had the opportunity to lead evidence-based literacy instruction and inclusive practice. Part of my role at KPS will be working with staff and allied health professionals to support our diverse learners through classroom and curriculum adjustments, individual education plans and preparing for disability inclusion profile meetings. I look forward to getting to know the students, staff, and wider school community.

Leila Sheehan

Inclusion Leader


Foundation / Prep Enrolments for 2024


In 2023, the Department of Education has put in place a foundation enrolment timeline which all Victorian Government Primary Schools are expected to follow.

If there are any KPS families with a pre-school child who will be beginning Foundation in 2024, who have not yet collected an enrolment form, please make contact with Erica Ryan, Business Manager via the school office asap.

Kath Ginnane


Kingsville Primary School Book Week 2023

Kingsville Primary School will celebrate Book Week from 21st to 25th August.

Since 1945, the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has brought together children and books to celebrate Book Week and shine a light on Australian authors and illustrators. Read, Grow, Inspire! is the theme for 2023, and the featured artist is Australian illustrator Matt Ottley whose book Luke's Way of Looking was a CBCA Honor Book in 2000.

Click on the link to watch the creative genius behind this year's stunning artwork as Matt introduces his artwork and shares the story of why he created these images. All week the children will be completing a variety of activities in connection to the CBCA shortlisted books and the Children’s Book Council award winning book. Winners will be announced on Friday 18th August.

On Thursday 24th August the students are invited to come to school dressed as a character from their favourite book. More details of the Book Character Parade will be published at a later date.


Alison Michetti

Year 1/2 Class Teacher

Year 1/2 Level Leader

Kingsville Awards

Please see below the list of children who were presented with their award at assembly today, Friday 14th July

Harriet Edgley

Phoebe Olle

Liam Mincherton

Eliza Drew

Kirubel Zeleke

Lucinda Nguyen

Lola McMaster

Luke Sutton

Joseph Burton 

Heidi Land

Poppy Giansiracusa

Archie Buckley

Rafael Phillips

Please see below the list of children who will be presented with their award at assembly on Friday 21st July


Adeline Foley


Regina Frankland-Stevens


Poppy Bell


Lotus Obrien


Estelle Kirby


Luke Stewart


May Tar


Matilda Edwards


Teya Buttigieg


Eden Coleman


Henry Milligan


Sage Kocher


Alexander Ellis


Brock Morton & Lucas Nguyen


Khoa Matthews

Happy Birthday


    23rd June – 21st July

Happy birthday to Jehro Blassan, Mikayla Mincherton, Jacob Stojcevski, Estelle Kirby, Hazel Mcilroy, Chloe Yorke, Tommy Zarakis, Ariella Jarvis, Essie Jugovic, Sophie McColl, Kai Lathleiff, Cleo Justice, Elsa O’Brien, Jessica Sinfuego, Polly Marinko, Xavier Martini, Eden Coleman, Benji Sinfuego, Cooper Le, Lukas Reiken, Ammar Muhammad Abbasi, Xavier Nye, Ollie Williamson, Chase Giacomin, Josie Simnett-Sage, Emma Hutchison, Bojana Peric, Albert Kendall, Clara Green, Arthur Jennings, Alice Kindred, Tilly Gartside, Anouk Morgan-Green, August Nette, Fergus Mcilroy, Henry Milligan, Zelda Dyson, Rupert White, Maisie White, Luka Nacov, Hazel Baddiley, Gauri Gautam and Louis Barbetta. 

Kingsville Primary School OSHC by Camp Australia

To Register and book visit:

KPS Trivia Night

“So I exist in this wasteland, reduced to one instinct: survive.”

Yes, this year it’s all things post-apocalyptic with our Mad Max themed trivia night! Time to rewatch this cult classic series for some outfit ideas.

Tickets will be on sale Tuesday 25th July with all the details! There’ll be the always popular silent auction, as well as prizes for best dressed. 

See you there!