Newsletter Friday 11th August


The School Camping Program at Kingsville

It is truly evident from the excitement in action over the last 5 days that the students at Kingsville Primary school enjoy and appreciate the opportunity afforded to them by the school and their families to participate in the school’s senior students’ camping program.

In total, 280 year 3-6 KPS students participated in a camping experience this week. The Anglesea camp has vast opportunities for all those attending to explore, extend and enrich their own and others’ lives in this non-school setting. What is also great about this camp is the variety of activates on offer that caters for the diverse age groups that visit. Although the location and venue may be familiar to many, especially the teaching staff, the types of activities available to be experienced by the students is always being tweaked at the camp. This allows for multiple visits by students where they will potentially never repeat an activity or experience one the same way on a return visit. Significantly new this year for me, on my umpteenth return to this wonderful camp, was a new mountain bike trail through the wetlands, the Frisbee golf, and the thrill of ‘Livewire Park’ in Lorne. 

My congratulations to –

  • everyone involved in the significant planning, preparation and support required to ensure that a 2023 camping experience was possible for the students
  • the 24 staff, teachers, support staff and members of the leadership team who planned for contributed to and participated in camping week, some staying for the full week to support both camping groups
  • the students onsite at school throughout the week for demonstrating flexibility and resilience in response to a range of changes including teacher provision
  • staff, parents, guardians and family members providing support to ensure the children whether on camp or back at school were aware of the changes and adaptions required

And finally, to the students in years 3 to 6 who attended over the week. I am sure the memories of your time away will live with you for a long time to come. Your families and friends will notice something different in you because you went. You’ll stand a little taller, be more confident and courageous because you challenged yourself, be it on an activity or being away from home.  You will be more tolerant and understand of others, their points of view and their actions because you have ‘lived’ with them in a foreign environment.  You will be more aware of how fortunate you are to live in this wonderful country and the opportunities that are not available to many in the world, as such appreciate what we have.   I know this last one from personal experience. As on returning Wednesday, many students and families acknowledge the commitment and effort made by the staff, grateful that they or their child had the opportunity to attend.  These thoughtful words have a huge impact!

It is important to make a special mention of Blagma Veljanoska, Leading Teacher and Camp organizer extraordinaire for all her work overseeing and managing compliance, timetabling, resourcing, provision, child safety, transport and so much more. Your attention to detail your diligence, care and many, many hours of work in addition to the working day ensured that a camp was possible for years 3 -6 and that it was very successful. I am confident that the whole school community will join me in sincerely thanking you.

Jeff McDonald

Assistant Principal



The School Camping Program at Kingsville - Part 2

School camps are special events, allowing students to shine out of the school setting. The different opportunities offered by camps are numerous, but we have always found the most impactful aspect of camp to be the time spent with students, out of the classroom. Seeing and supporting these amazing young people through a range of challenge by choice activities - think flying fox, climbing walls and the “leap of faith – and celebrating their achievements is one of the highlights of our profession. The pride felt and shown by students as they achieve what they thought was impossible – be it riding a bike, racing to the top of the climbing wall, or making it through the night without their family – is a treasured moment to be able to be a part of.

A few year 5 student’s perspective on their camping experience

“We went to our cabin and unpacked all our stuff and went back to the courtyard to see which activity we were going to do first. After that we had dinner, here is a photo of my friends and I having a nice dinner. :D We then watched soccer, but I went to sleep early. Woo-hoo! Matilda's won.” - Susan, 5CH

“We got into our activity groups, and we did an Amazing Race. We did not win but it was very fun. For dinner we had this phenomenal chicken schnitzel and for dessert we had ice cream. Then we watched the Matildas deal with Denmark.”   - Willy, 5CH

“At first, I wasn’t scared because I am not scared of heights, so I felt fine. But once I got to the top, I felt nervous. I knew I could do it, so I went right to it and did it. It was quite far down but not that scary because I was attached to a harness and rope. I had two goes!” - Beatrix, 5CH, on the Leap of Faith

“Although this camp had its ups and downs, I really appreciate how much the teachers and all the camp staff worked to make this trip good. Thank, Sir Caileb!”        

- Hazel, 5CH

“Tucked away just off The Great Ocean Road, this iconic camp will bind you and your peers to work together, play together, laugh together and have the best time all in one.”  

- Alice, 5CH

“In my cabin was Austin, Eric, Bastian, Dylan, and Thomas.
We had schnitties for dinner and ice cream for dessert.

The first day was so good.”         

- Jamari, 5CH

“My first activity was canoeing as you can see, and to be honest, I was kinda scared, but I did it and it was really fun.”               

- Sophie, 5CH

Teaching and Learning

What is inquiry-based learning?

"Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand."

On Monday last week, I was invited to Alamanda College, a fellow PYP school. Any opportunity to spend time with like-minded educators is valuable, and invariably we began discussing the concept of inquiry-based learning. Both our schools have a clear understanding that Inquiry is a pedagogical approach to teaching and learning. It is not a time of the day! The inquiry approach often transcends subjects and through this process students develop an understanding of important concepts, acquire essential skills and knowledge, develop particular attributes and learn to take socially responsible action.

Like Alamanda College, at KPS, learning is driven through the Units of Inquiry, and students’ and teachers explore the Victorian Curriculum through six ‘big ideas’. In doing so specific skills and knowledge is developed, themes are explored through lenses that go beyond the how and why and additionally these units provide opportunities to develop a students’ ability to “learn how to learn”, and their metacognitive skills

Inquiry can be integrated, problem or issue based, action driven, or action led, negotiated, and play orientated. The inquiry process involves:

  • the student being at the centre of all that we do – teaching and learning draws on student’s passions, interests, and developmental level
  • a framework that enables students to make authentic, meaningful links between their learning and their local, national, and global communitities
  • the teaching of explicit skills, as this provides students with the tools to further develop their conceptual understandings
  • students’ curiosity driving future learning, across all areas of the curriculum
  • planned, directed and experimental activities that provide opportunities for students to gather information and pose questions
  • activities that help students organise the new information and skills in a way that helps them to form concepts and generalisations about the world
  • opportunities for students to demonstrate knowledge and skills through application to new or different situations

This inquiry-based approach can be seen, heard, and felt in all classrooms across the schools. It’s visible in the Wonder Walls or Wonder Spaces created by teachers to capture student questions. It’s heard through the personal inquiry journeys students take in exploring concepts and ideas, developing their knowledge, and sharing this with their teacher and their peers. And it’s felt through the collaborative, curious class culture each teacher has developed in their learning environment with their students.

Inquiry learning is an active learning process. Being an inquirer is a key attribute of a Kingsville learn. 

More information about inquiry-based learning in the PYP can be found here:

Sam Eason

Assistant Principal

PYP Coordinator

National Science Week

National Science Week 2023 runs from Saturday, 12 August to Sunday, 20 August.

The 2023 theme of National Science week is ‘innovation: powering future industries’.

At Kingsville science is one of those subjects that is taught through our transdisciplinary units of inquiry. This approach allows the students to understand that science is part of our everyday life. This approach allows students to move through the F-10 curriculum learning about the specific skills and knowledge connected to science and in doing so provides an empirical way of answering interesting and important questions about the biological, physical and technological world

Celebrate National Science Week at Kingsville is an opportunity to turn up the volume on this area of the curriculum and make connects to the news and stories occurring during this week. In supporting this, teachers will be finding opportunities to engage in the theme over the week. The school invites parents and cares to do the same at home. Please see several links and activities that families could potential engage in to be part of this special week that focuses the Nation of the field of science.  

Websites for exploring Science Week 2023

The link Home - National Science Week will take you to the home page of National Science week. 

You be able to:

  • find In-person and online events, virtual tours, DIY science and more, all across Australia, from 12 - 20 Augus
  • search events by your favourite topics
  • join in the science

This link ABC will take your to the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s page where you will see how they are finding ways to celebrate science all across Australia

DIY Science week activities

For those looking for a few experiments to investigate Jenny Lynch from Creative Science has created these activities. An acknowledgment of her work to produce these.

Light Fountain

How can you trap a laser beam in a stream of water? Total internal reflection is used to transmit light in fibre optics, but light can also be steered by water.
Download now 

Enzymes in Action

Enzymes are probably mentioned on your clothes washing powder package, but did you know you also have enzymes in your mouth? Enzymes are catalysts - chemicals that speed up chemical reactions without being consumed.
Download now 

Thoughtful Fun With Fire

What can you observe in a candle flame? Once that is done, can you relight a candle from a distance? Or extinguish the flame by pouring on some carbon dioxide gas?
Download now 

Sunny Survival

Use the Sun to distil water and measure the time until sunset and use the stars to navigate.
Download now 

Tips to supporting children learn science

  1. Value your child’s questions
  2. Explore and find the answers together.
  3. Give children time and space to explore.
  4. Accept that explorations are often messy.
  5. Learn from mistakes together.
  6. Invite curiosity.
  7. Support further exploration.
  8. Encourage children to record their observations

We look forward to students sharing, in their classrooms, their families’ enjoyment and engagement in Science Week 2023.

Jeff McDonald

Assistant Principal

School Council Update - KPS School Council Project Nominations

School Council is extremely excited to invite the Kingsville Primary School community to nominate projects to enhance curriculum resources, health & wellbeing, buildings & grounds, or the school community to invest in.

  • Funding for these nominated projects will come from locally raised funds – fundraising.
  • Project nominations will be considered for implementation by School Council against the criteria outlined below.
  • School Council will determine approved projects.
  • Selected projects will be communicated to the community for celebration.
  • Nominated projects can be expected to be reviewed within 2 following School Council meetings after submission

Where does this project nomination concept come from?

For some context, members of the school community of a government school may undertake fundraising activities for the following purposes with the agreement of the school council

  1. the establishment or augmentation of school funds
  2. the establishment or augmentation of funds for a particular school purpose in relation to the school

In line with the above in most schools, the funds raised through fundraising activities are utilised within the school yearly cash budget to support elements of a range of school programs. This has been the case at KPS for a considerable period of time.

For 2023, council has determined to use the money gained through fundraising to directly provide for projects nominated by members of our school community -   parent/carers, school staff and students. School council expects to raise around $40,000 each year.

Council sees this change as providing the opportunity for community to put forward ideas / projects, which may be able to be provided for by the fundraising dollars that the community works so hard to raise.

How do I share a project idea?

Hard copies of the nomination form are available at the school office. These can be completed and returned to the office.

A digital copy is available via the Compass post shared on Friday, 11th August, or by emailing the school office ( These can be returned via the same email address or dropped directly into the office.

Any questions can be directed to the school office /

We are seeking for the First Round of Submissions to be completed and sent in by Friday 15th September 2023

Kingsville School Council


School Representative Council - Badge Presentation

As the primary classroom rep for the Student Representative Council at Kingsville in 2023, the students listed below will receive their SRC badge at the Friday assembly on the 18thAugust.

We will be presenting a newly designed badge. This new badge is the result of this years’ SRC group contribution their voice in the design and meeting the branding guidelines of the school and IB.

We look forward to these badges being presented by our School Council president, Glen Yates, at the next assembly and the students wearing them with pride.

FFW    Adeline Foley

FRT     Anouk Heyes

FMC    Gigi Leslie

1/2E     Hannah Schroeder

1/2A     Stella McDonald

1/2M    Zoe Clarke

1/2C    Eliza Drew

1/2J     Archer McDonald

1/2D    Ike Williamson

3/4S     Jethro Blassan

3/4H    Hazel Friend

3/4L     Elizabeth Jago

3/4F     Grace Tagg

3/4I      Eden Coleman

3/4B     Maisie Hills

5CH     Violet Friend

5DS     Issy Coilli

5AA     Millie Wheeler

6CM    Heidi Land

6LA     Charlie Clenick

6JL      Bastian Messig

Jeff McDonald

Assistant Principal

Digital Parenting and Cyber Safety Presentation 22nd August

As advertised in our last newsletter, Kingsville Primary School is very excited to have cyber safety expert Martine Oglethorp, from the Modern Parent Organisation , return to host a parent information session. Martine has worked with the school for a number of years, and we have consistently received highly positive feedback from those who have attended her sessions. The presentation will be held online, over Webex. Please see below for more information.


Date: Tuesday 22nd August

Time: 6:00 pm 

Meeting URL:


Kingsville eSmart Team

2024 Foundation Enrolments


In 2023, the Department of Education has put in place a foundation enrolment timeline which, all Victorian government primary schools are expected to follow.

If there are any KPS families with a pre-school child who will be beginning Foundation in 2024 who have not yet collected an enrolment form, please make contact with Erica Ryan, Business Manager via the school office asap OR EMAIL the school

Kingsville Awards - 11th & 18th August

Please see below the list of children who will be presented with their award at assembly on Friday 18th August.

FMC    Jack Waller

1/2C    Hamish Miller

1/2J     Olivia Zhao

1/2M    Tenzin Tenzin Chennga

1/2A     Shahad Bushra

3/4L     Archie Scanlan

3/4F     Zack Hickey

3/4I      Zeph Buckley

3/4S     Rory Finlay & Henry Milligan

5DS     Hattie Fogarty

5AA     Xavier Nye

5CH     Rosamund Hamlyn

6JL      Brock Morton

Please see below the list of children who were presented with their award at assembly today, Friday 11th August.

Arden Crimmins

Aidan Kisto

Jarvis Warn

Xavier Carroll

Audrey Hansen

Koa Peden

Dante Lamberti

Issy Ciolli       

Prem Patel 

Arthur Jennings      

Leah Watsford 

Jensen Tame    

Alice Kindred 


Happy Birthday - 5th - 18th August

Happy Birthday to Adeline Foley, Joseph Burton, Aizah Fatima, Mia Kisto, Henry Friend, Nicky Ross, Bastian Messig, Alycia Vella, Archie Scanlan, Beau Hickey, Zian Thakker, Willow Bell, Lachie Nibloe, Reuben Fithall.

Dates to Remember Term 3

Wednesday 16th August
  2024 Foundation Interviews

Saturday 19th August
  Working Bee

Saturday 26th August   Trivia Night   
Wednesday 30th August  Gala Day - Summer   
SEPTEMBER 2023    
Monday 4th September  School Council   
Tuesday 5th September  Division Athletics   
Friday 15th September
Last day of Term 3 - 2.30pm    Dismissal
Casual Clothes Day

Term 3 Friday Assembly Roster

18 August - Item by 6LA
25 August - 34B
1 September - 12D
8 September - 5AA
15 September - No Assembly Item - Last Day of Term 3

2023 Term Dates
Term 1            Monday 30 January to Thursday 6 April
Term 2            Monday 24 April to Friday 23 June
Term 3            Monday 10 July to Friday 15 September
Term 4            Monday 2 October to Wednesday 20 December

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