Newsletter 25th August 2023


Assistant Principal's Message...

Students at Kingsville are continually immersed in wonderful literature each day in the classrooms and specialist areas of the school. Fiction and non-fiction texts read individually, in small groups or as a whole class provide knowledge, enjoyment and opportunities to think deeply about an author’s intent and our own connections to the information being conveyed by the author and illustrator.

Engaging in Book Week allows this already rich reading environment to be viewed with a greater focus and connects us to the wider community of readers across Australia on a common theme – this year being ‘READ, GROW, INSPIRE.

Book Week at Kingsville has been another great success and well done to students, staff and Kingsville families. Activities planned for each day during the week engaged the students and of course the Thursday parades were the highlight. These activities unite a school and provide wonderful primary school memories.

To the parents and students what a great effort from Foundation - 6 on displaying creativity by coming up with a costume for the parade. So much thought was put into the costumes and the students I spoke to all knew who their character was and, the related book or author. Too many characters to name them all but I’m sure there were many recognisable book characters parading - brilliant! Dress up days can be challenging, but certainly well worth the effort.

Thank you again to the staff for your enthusiasm and the Book Week Team, Alison Michetti and her team for planning, organising and turning up the volume on literature during this annual week initiated by the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

Jeff McDonald

Assistant Principal

Book Week

The sheer joy and excitement of our students was equally palpable and infectious when they arrived to school in character, proudly displaying their creative, bold and beautiful costumes. It was amazing to see how many of them were dressed up and the efforts put in by our wonderful school community is to be applauded once more!

Thank you to all parents, carers and staff who participated in our annual Book Week Costume Parade and celebrated your love for books and reading with our students!

The Foundation students enjoyed a special story time with their Year 6 Buddies, where they shared their favourite picture story book. The Year 1 and 2s had a visit from local author Leah Young, who shared her new picture story book, Daisy Delaney is 1 minute late. The Year 3 and 4s played Book Bingo and created character profiles, and the Year 5s played a game of Kahootz based on the book Skulduggery Pleasant.


The Foundation and Level 1/2 students were extremely fortunate to listen to Leah Young, a local published author, who read her new children’s picture story book, Daisy Delaney is 1 minute late. The students asked many insightful questions about Leah’s writing process and where the idea for her book came from.

Daisy Delaney is 1 minute late

Daisy Delaney can't wait to play her first game of footy, so it's important she gets there by 10am. But her family has other things on their minds. Will she get there on time? Will she be chosen for the team? Will the boom gate bells ever stop ringing? A delightful story, full of Yarraville landmarks, about a girl who's determined to play footy, regardless of the obstacles.


Today (Thursday) Leah came to school and read her book Daisy Delaney is 1 minute late to us. It was a rhyming book and it has wonderful illustrations. It took Leah 18 months to write and publish her book. Audrey 1/2M

I liked how Leah chose what to put in the book by basing it on her family, what she knew and explaining why the places were important to her. Eliza 12C

Leah read the story to the 1/2 classes, and I loved it. Lily 1/2A

Today (Thursday) Leah Young visited us to read Daisy Delaney is 1 minute late. She used expression while reading and she answered our questions too. She told us she loves a beginning, middle and ending. Makayla 1/2J


Alison Michetti

Level 1/2 classroom teacher

Book week coordinator

Student Action – participating in the school newsletter


By Ben Marmo and Xavier Martini - 6JL

As of recently, the Matildas, aka the women’s Australian soccer team, has captured the heart of the nation. They have been very influential to young Australians who like to play soccer, and those who have a deep passion for watching, playing and being a part of sports.

They started strong, defeating Ireland 1-0. But this good beginning would not last long as they would lose to Nigeria 2-3. Despite this, they still carried on, defeating Canada with an incredible 4-0 win. Next, they beat Denmark 2-0, carrying on the skill to the quarter finals, where they faced France. As many of the people that watched this game know, it went to penalties, and it was INTENSE. However, they overcame them 7-6. 

Unfortunately, they were beaten last Wednesday night by the England Lionesses. We are so proud of our Matildas and wore Green and Gold last Friday in appreciation of the joy and engagement they brought to the country. We were also keen to continue to show our support in their battle for third place last Saturday night.

We think that it is especially important to support your country and watch the talented young stars that play for Australia. GO MATILDAS for 2027! 


Little Angler Kits

The Victorian Government is investing $1.5 million from the Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Fund to provide up to 95,000 Little Angler Kits to primary school aged children in Victoria.

The free kits provide a wonderful school holiday activity for children with their families and help ease the cost of living, providing a fun activity close to home.

Grade 5 students at all Victorian schools, including ours, will be offered the opportunity to receive a FREE Little Angler Kit. Grade 5 students have been selected based on the Victorian Curriculum focus, movement and motor development, and safety considerations.

The program is entirely voluntary. Families of students in year five will be provided with the option to opt out of the program. Our school has opted to stay in the program so that parents can decide whether they want their child(ren) to receive a free fishing kit.

Parents of Grade 5 students can advise the school if they do not wish their child(ren) to participate for any reason whatsoever. We support parents in making decisions that align with their family values and beliefs.

The roll out of kits will occur through the second half of 2023 (16 October - 4 December) so that all participating children will have a kit in time for the summer school holidays.

The kits include a rod, reel with line, tackle tray, some tackle and information on how to use them to catch a fish. Please note that the tackle tray includes fishing hooks. The tackle tray will be wrapped in cardboard and placed inside a pocket inside the fishing kit bag, which will be sealed with a cable tie to discourage students from opening their kits until they are with a parent or carer.

Kits will be handed out to students to take home with them as soon as the school receives them, however parents can contact the school and request to collect their kit from the school themselves if they prefer.

The Victorian Fisheries Authority will create a Little Angler hub on their website, which will be live when the kits start being distributed. It will have useful information, instructional videos and online resources about where and how to fish linking to existing resources from Fishcare and new resources to be produced just for the Little Angler Kits program.

This initiative aims to grow recreational fishing participation in Victoria by actively encouraging primary school aged children to learn how to fish, as well as learning more about marine life and the natural environment

District Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday 16th August we had a large group pf year 3 - 6 children represented our school at the District Athletics Carnival to be held at Newport Athletics Track.

Congratulations to all Kingsville students who participated and to the teachers and parent volunteers who attended to support the event and the students. 

The day was a huge success with all students eagerly participating in their events and cheering their team mates on. The cheer squads kept going throughout the day until the final event had been run.

Participating at this level is significant and the student should be proud of their individual or collective results. Finishing outside the placing should be seen as a huge achievement as the field being competed against is the elite of each of the 6 schools involved.

We did well overall with Kingsville coming third this year with only 4 points separating us from 2nd place and 28 points for 1st place.

Thank you to all the parents who encouraged and cheered our and other school’s students on throughout the day.

We have a number of students heading off to compete at the Division level. A full list of those children competing is below. We wish them all the best and know they will do themselves and us proud.

EVENT: 100m Sprint

Caitlin West

EVENT: 200m Sprint

Sonny Fithall

Reuben Fithall

Caitlin West


Matilda Rafferty

Kirah Cox

Reuben Fithall

EVENT: 800m

Ellissa Milligan

Hazel McIlroy

Levi Giacomin

EVENT: 1500m

Chase Giacomin

Elliott Miller

Olivia Baltruschat

Hazel McIlroy

Levi Giacomin

Frances Ross


Andre Hatzis

Liam Blanco-Kombo

Heidi Land


Liam Blanco-Kombo

Bastian Balbontin

Heidi Land


Alexander Goncalaves

Thomas Hine

Rafael Phillips


Elke Yorke

Lucas Reiken

Ted Elg


Samuel Keirs

Levi Giacomin

Reuben Fithall

Timoci Chung

Frances Ross

Caitlin West

Bojana Peric

Poppy Giansiracusa

Cyber Safety Presentation..

Digital Parenting and Cyber Safety Parent Information Session

On Tuesday evening, numerous parents engaged in our webinar on digital parenting and cyber safety, featuring Martine Oglethorp. Martine is an esteemed educator, speaker, and writer specializing in digital wellbeing and online safety. She has collaborated with KPS students, teachers, and parents over a number of years.

Martine's presentation encompassed a comprehensive discussion of the prevalent challenges and issues that both children and parents encounter in the digital realm. The topics ranged from avoiding inappropriate and dangerous content; avoiding technology tantrums; enforcing boundaries; privacy, predators, and grooming; cyberbullying and positive digital footprints; development of critical thinking; and finding fun, safe and positive ways to enjoy the digital world.

A key message of the night was that we need to understand that ‘tech’ is extremely relevant to children. When dealing with student’s wants and needs to engage with the many and varied expanding platforms they will encounter, it is helpful to take the 'technology' out and, focus on developing critical thinking that leads to ethical and moral behaviours.  Martine encourages moving away from a fear-based approach, toward one that helps students get the skills, behaviours and thinking to become not only safe, but happy and resilient users of digital technologies.

Our student have the tools and systems to be immersed in a wider world that we were. This world requires skills and behaviours well beyond safety measures. It needs to be an ongoing lesson in critical thinking, resilience, self-esteem, empathy, and the promotion of good habits that they can carry with them throughout life both online and offline.

The response to this session has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents expressed their appreciation for the insights gained, and advice around making well-informed choices concerning their children's technology usage. Multiple participants specifically highlighted the guidance provided on how to speak to their children regarding these matters as particularly beneficial and practical.

A recording of the presentation is still available to families through this link:

We have permission to share this intellectual property for the next seven days.

Gareth Dainton


Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Morning Tea

On Tuesday morning we kick-started the process for creating a Reconciliation Action Plan for Kingsville P.S. with a morning tea at school.

Thanks to all the parents who gave their time to meet together. Thanks also to the people who got in contact to express their support and interest though they couldn’t make it.

Highlights included:

  • Hearing from Julianne Fraser, our Koori Engagement Support Officer
  • Connecting KPS families together
  • Parents sharing their experiences developing RAPs in other workplaces
  • Discovering the amazing talents and backgrounds in our parent community
  • Discussing ideas for inclusive action in our school

I’m hoping to organise another opportunity to get together in an afternoon, so please keep your eyes posted for another event if you’re interested.

After that our next step will be to form an official RAP committee of staff, parents and community members.

Please feel welcome to get in contact if you have any questions or thoughts about the RAP.


Lucy Oates

(Classroom teacher and AIP support)

Workdays: Tuesday and Wednesday

A message from Dr David Howes Deputy Secretary, Schools and Regional Service

Dear parents and carers,

The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assessments held earlier this year had a very high participation rate from Victorian students, with participation levels returning to pre-COVID levels.


Last month, families with children in grades 3 or 5 or years 7 or 9 who participated in the assessments received their results through an individual NAPLAN report.


Today, the statewide results have been released, and I am pleased to have this opportunity to provide some information about Victoria’s performance.


There are a total of 20 tests each year across grades 3 and 5 and years 7 and 9 that assess student achievement in reading, writing, numeracy, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Of the 20 tests, Victorian was ranked first or second in 16, more than any other state or territory, and an improvement on the 2022 results when the equivalent figure was 12.


NAPLAN results for Grade 3 are of particular importance because the first 3 years of schooling establish the foundation for further success. Victorian Grade 3 students achieved the highest results in the country for both reading and numeracy.


In secondary schools, Victoria had the lowest proportion of students needing additional support in both years 7 and 9 in both reading and numeracy compared to all other states and territories.

The results have also highlighted the fact that we need to continue our efforts to close the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students. While Aboriginal students in Victoria achieved higher results on average than in other states and territories, the gap between the performance of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students is still too large, as is the gap between the average performance of metropolitan students and that of regional students.


Overall, however, while we are clearly focused on the areas where further improvement is needed, these are excellent results. They are a tribute to the outstanding work of teachers, principals and staff in the schools across our state.


No one would suggest our schools are perfect. Education is always an unfinished business. But on the evidence of today’s release of the statewide NAPLAN results, Victorian teachers and school principals are doing a great job.


Dr David Howes Deputy Secretary, Schools and Regional Service

Department of Education

Parent Opinion Survey

Reminder - to Parents/Caregivers/Guardians who received an invitation to respond to the Opinion Survey 2023.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to express your opinion, your voice is very important, and your feedback will assist our school in development and planning for improvement.

An invitation was sent in early August to participate in the 2023 Opinion Survey to those parents/caregivers/guardians selected by the required random sample process.

Today we only have 30 responses back from over 100 invitations sent out.

For the results of this survey to be able to indicate in any significant way opinions of Parents/Caregivers/Guardians this number needs to increase significantly.

If you received a survey invitation, it included all of the information required to respond online.  If you have not yet completed the survey, please do so as soon as you can.

Even though the “window of opportunity” to express opinion closes on 8 September, completing it now will ensure you do not miss out.  Hopefully we will see the participation level increase this week and updates will be provided.


Kath Ginnane



Young Dargie Exhibition of 2023

In an earlier newsletter we invited all students interested in competing in the 2023 Young Dargie art competition to begin their portrait. For those student interested please see below the competition criteria.

The competition:

  • create your own 2-D portrait or self-portrait using any medium- paint, pencil, charcoal, crayon etc. or a combination
  • the portrait or self-portrait can be realistic or semi-realistic
  • the portrait could be of a family member, or you could complete a portrait of someone else who inspires you - you could create a portrait of a teacher, a pet, or a teddy bear
  • the portrait must be completed and given to Visual Arts teacher Monica Gallivan by Thursday September 14th, the second last day of term 3

Once your artwork is finished, we request you bring it in to school and deliver it to Monica by Thursday October 12th. Artwork will store it in a safe place ready for our very own Young Dargie Exhibition.

Kingsville Awards - 25th August & 1st September

Please see below the list of children who will be presented with their award at assembly on Friday 1st September


 Ayat Fatima


Jordy Burgess


Jimmy Dainton


Luca Blackley


Emma Nesbit & Elizabeth Jago


Cuong Le


Lochy West


Ella McRae


Noah Lathleiff & Cassie Pruis


Pearl Persoglia Freeman & Henry Salmon


Louie Lewicki & Eloise Richardson


Eva Tyler


Alec Skladzien & Sydney Bailey


Marley Johnstone


Please see below the list of children who were presented with their award at assembly today, Friday 25th August.


Logan Cox


Gigi Leslie & Louis Daglish


Bella Dao


Issy Casaneanu


Estelle Harrison


Felix Fuhge-McGann


Tadhg Avery


Sophie Wu


Maisie White


Ariella Jarvis


Stephanie Stojcevski


Sebastian Watts


April Priestley & Louie Conboy


Eva Goncalves


Marley Couper


Logan Bellis


Isabelle O'Rourke & Matilda Gartside


Rosa Marzano







Happy Birthday - 19th August – 1st September

Happy Birthday to Andre Hatzis, Eva Goncalves, Sydney Bailey, Theo Hedt, Mavis Doekes, Myra Raynold Peter, Nina Skladzien, Alfie Raine, Poppy Giansiracusa, River McMaster, Hamish Miller, Teya Buttigieg, Jack Yeo, Frankie Hollingsworth, Tj McMahan, Annabel Smith, Bastian Poo Y Balbontin, Sadie Piert, Seren Davies, Iris Mulhallen, Lotus O’Brien, Orlando Lambert, Ella Taylor, Rafael Phillips.

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