Newsletter 6th October 2023


Principal's Message

Welcome back to all Kingsville families for the final term of 2023 which is a twelve week term, finishing on Friday December 20th. The term includes one curriculum/pupil free day on November 20th and, one public holiday – Melbourne Cup Day on Tuesday November 7th.

Highlights and planned events we look forward to include:

  • Year 6 Exhibition
  • Foundation breakfast
  • Year 6 Graduation Ceremony
  • Year 1/2 late stay
  • Curriculum Day (no students at school)
  • Public Holiday – Melbourne Cup (no students at school)
  • Three Foundation 2024 Transition sessions
  • Foundation 2024 family picnic/social event
  • Year 6 Orientation Day to secondary school
  • Step Up Day – students experience with 2024 classes.
  • Whole school play day
  • School Council fundraising events – more detail during the term
  • Visual Arts’ share and connect and Young Dargie competition viewing.

Add to this planned curriculum, assessments and completion of reports, a number of excursions and the usual end of year traditions and celebrations and it will certainly be a busy and enjoyable time.

Communication home and reminders about all of these with information from particular grades and levels will take a number of forms. These will include -

  • newsletter
  • compass posts
  • notes home

So please check school bags, read newsletters and Compass posts.

Kath Ginnane


Planning for 2024

Pre-work involved in the placement of students into class groups for each following year begins in second semester term 3. In term 4 as likely student numbers become clearer the modelling is refined. What the actual school organisational model will be for any year will naturally be of interest to parents / carers and students.

It is important to note that whilst we highly value parent opinion and contribution across a wide range of school provision areas the determination of the model and arrangement of classes in any school is the principal’s decision and responsibility. Keeping the school community informed of developments regarding the planning is acknowledged as very important. Information to parents about the particular model determined and how teachers will work to ensure all children are engaged, challenged, supported and taught is all part of the ongoing dialogue between the school, parents and teachers in any school year.

The timing of when information is provided to school council and in turn parents, is planned and sequenced to take into account certain binding actions to be complied with in line the current Victorian Government Schools Agreement. These require school-based consultation with staff regarding a number of areas including the organization of classes.

This mandatory consultation is both necessary and valuable however can be lengthy. The process takes into consideration a wide range of factors including but not limited to -

  • student enrolmentupon which all resourcing including human resources / staff, hinges
  • student numbers - at each of the 7 levels at primary school which will vary individually on a yearly basis
  • staff including teaching staff who are able to be provided this again is determined by overall student enrolment
  • all other infrastructure considerations
  • in any year the determined class model needs to ensure appropriate class student numbers i.e., numbers that may be increased to provide for any enrolments during the year without restructuring the whole school class model
  • with regard to class numbers there is no mandated minimum number required there are however recommendations and, in school planning and consultation leadership take these into consideration

Currently student numbers, Foundation to Year 6, for 2024 are indicating the potential to see a model featuring what is commonly known as composite classes within the school.

Please note - this is just beginning information at this point and student enrolments always change during term 4. We are also aware that a number of current families may be moving before the end of this school year and that there are still Foundation enrolments to be finalised. Again, a reminder if you are in either of these categories, please provide information to the school as soon as it becomes available to you as this is vital in refining the class model for 2024.

In working to ensure transparency and clarity for all stakeholders regarding this important area it is important for parents/ carers to be knowledgeable about a range of aspects.

Addressing common concerns and questions
There have been very few years over the last 3 decades where Kingsville has not utilised a class model that did not contain what many people know as “composite” or “multi aged” cohorts. In reflecting upon this it is important to note that –

  • as a community of educators, we strive to steer away from the terms “composite” or “straight” grades
  • as in reality of course no straight grades exist and every cohort is both multi aged and each student is at a different point in their learning, growth and social and emotional development, knowledge ability and capacity
  • children in class groups will be of varying ages from Foundation onwards and this can be over 12 months depending on the age when they began school
  • every teacher is required by law to differentiate the instruction and provision for each child in relation to where they are in their learning and the continuum of learning aligned with the system of schooling, they are part of
  • differentiated instruction by teachers informed by deep knowledge of each child is required to be evidenced regardless of the range of ages in a class
  • whilst composite or multi aged classes are often utilized to address uneven enrolments at age levels, they are also formed for educational reasons where it is felt that the combining of children in multi aged groups is both educationally and socially advantageous

There is a large body of information, evidence, and reference material available to parents with regard to the alleged benefits or other of composite classes. Research readily available suggests there is no discernible difference between multi age or straight grade class groups in terms of academic performance. Benefits however relating to student independence, responsibility and study habits have been highlighted. Across Victoria 75% of schools are reported to have some form of multi aged aspect to their school organisation.

However, despite favourable research regarding student cognitive and social growth in composite classrooms some negative perceptions understandably will always persist.

KPS parents please be assured that whatever class grouping your child is placed in any year it is always going to be the teacher and the relationship between the teacher and your child / ren is the most important factor in their development, wellbeing success and happiness.

As we move through Term 4 updates regarding the planning/ school organisation will be provided.

School Leadership Team

School Council Meetings - during the school year

In addition to the scheduled S/C meetings an Annual Public Reporting Meeting is called by the school council each year. There is no required time for this to take place.

The reporting at this meeting is for and with respect to, the previous school council year.

So, in 2023 the PRM is only for the 2022 school council year.

The expectations for this meeting are set by the Department of Education and components of the meeting include - 

  • the acknowlegement of membership and the work of the 2022 school council
  • reports given by both the Principal and School Council President
  • reports from convenors or members of subcomitees 2022
  • provision of the endorsed / approved Annual Report - 2022

The PRM for the 2022 school year has now been called by the 2023 school council and will take place on Monday October 16th 6.30 – 7.00pm approximately.

Kingsville School Council

Student Voice

Student agency and voice refer to the level of autonomy that a student experiences in the learning environment. Agency gives students the power to direct and take responsibility for their own learning, creating independent learners. Student voice is about students having a say and giving their perspective with regard to important decisions that impact their learning and the environment they are a part of.

Classroom and specialist teachers, support staff and leadership have a voice in constructing the best learning environments for children via the ‘Class Creator’ program. In 2023, we will once again provide the opportunity for your child to have voice into their classroom environment and learning for 2024. Students will have the opportunity to provide to their teacher their perspective as to the students they believe will enhance their learning and, social and emotional development.

In being involved in this process of having a say into the ‘Student Preference’ data set of ‘Class Creator”, it is vital to understand that the recommendations you and your child may make should be considered through the same lens that the school uses that is, creating diverse learning communities with a balance of skills, knowledge, learning styles and relationships.

At Kingsville, each student has the opportunity to preference five friends/peers from their year level. Any of the five opportunities not taken up by your child will be filled in by your child’s classroom teacher. These spaces are filled in through a conversation with your child, and from the teacher’s perspective of peers that would enhance a child’s learning and, social and emotional development.

The 5 students placed in the ‘Student Preference’ section of ‘Class Creator’ is filled, in the attempt to place students with one or more of the preferences where possible.

Your child’s classroom teacher will send you a link to an Office 365 Form to complete the survey. The link will come via Compass on Wednesday 11th October.

As each preference/recommendation is chosen, please reflect on why this student should be considered a peer in the new class group.

Any information/names that your child or you provide will be considered alongside other ‘Student Preference’ recommendations from teacher/staff. An informed and considered approach, taking into account parent/student and teacher/staff recommendations into the ‘field’ of student preference/relationships, are made when completing this data field.

To participate please completed the Office365 Form by Friday 27th October.

Please note: Not all preferences/ recommendations by your child/you or the teachers will be met once the program ‘runs’, as this field is just one of many fields that are ‘crunched’ in allocating a child to a cohort.

The misconception that regularly occurs is that having preferenced / recommended their best friend(s) they will automatically get that/these preference. There is significant other data attached to each child that influences and impacts a child’s allocation to a cohort as the program builds a community of learner with a range of skills, characteristics and attributes.

The reality is that friendships can change from year to year and we encourage students to develop new friends; a life skill which helps build resilience. Friendships across classes and year levels is supported and encouraged at Kingsville through both the curriculum and at play times.

Jeff McDonald

Assistant Principal

PYP Exhibition

The Exhibition represents a significant event in the life of a PYP student by providing a culminating learning experience of each student’s engagement with the Primary Years Programme (PYP). This experience provides students the opportunity to demonstrate the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, transdisciplinary learning skills and international mindedness by investigating a topic or issue of interest and taking meaningful action in response to identified problems.

The transdisciplinary theme explored during this year’s Exhibition is Sharing the planet: An inquiry into rights and responsibilities in the struggle to share finite resources with other people and with other living things; communities and the relationships within and between them; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.

The staging of the Exhibition in week 4 is the pinnacle of each grade 6 student’s extended collaborative investigation and provides students the opportunity to share and celebrate their Exhibition Journey with the community. Student voice and agency are integral aspects of every stage. This is evident in each student’s personal inquiry, which has been centred on an area of passion or interest and presented in a unique way. At the Exhibition, the students will be sharing the knowledge and skills they have developed, the understanding they gave gained about themselves as learners, and the meaningful actions they have taken to make a positive difference in the world.

We encourage all parents and carers from across the school to take this opportunity to visit our Exhibition in the BER Building and talk with our grade 6 students about their Exhibition Journey.

As the audience, we hope that as you engage with the students you notice that:

  • discovering a passion gives rise to a real need to inquire, potentially leading to the desire to make a difference to their own lives and the lives of others
  • the learning journey is messy, it is not linear
  • powerful inquiry is not just about what we learn but how we learn
  • powerful inquiry inevitably involves some failure, wrong turns and the need to re-route
  • because students are given agency to manage their time and their personal inquiry, the journey progresses at a different pace for each student
  • the way the students communicate their experiences is dictated by each student’s decision to decide what they believe is the best way to share

The Exhibition is open to the school community at the following times:

  • Tuesday 24 October 2023, 2:45 – 4:00pm
  • Wednesday 25 October 2023, 9:15am – 10:00am
  • Wednesday 25 October 2023, 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Please enter the School via the Bishop Street gate.

Sam Eason

Assistant Principal

PYP Coordinator

Year 3/4 Poetry Slam

Last term, the year 3/4 students have been inquiring into different styles of poetry. To celebrate our learning, we organised our own Poetry Slam!  A poetry slam is a competitive art event in which poets (K.P.S students) perform spoken word poetry before a live audience. Poetry slams are often loud and lively, with audience participation, cheering and dramatic deliveries.

Each student submitted a poem and presented it to their class, with each class then selecting their favourite two poems.

On Friday 15th September, all 3/4 classes came together in the hall and engaged in their own poetry slam. This was an amazing event filled with admiration and excitement, as each nominee presented their poem. It also gave students the opportunity to express their creativity celebrating the end of term on a cheerful note.

Our finalists were:


 Class Nominees


Astrid F

‘Night Sky’

Hugo M

‘Books are Magic’


Elsa O’B

‘Dumb Dudes End’

Archie S

‘Thicc Cat’


Hestan H


Ruby M

‘My Baby Cousin’


Liam B-K


Tharun B

‘Monkey is Majestic’


Jack McS

‘The Colour Blue’

Abi M

‘The Heavy and Fun Guitar’


Felix R

‘The Rap, I Mean Rhyme’

Fergus McI

‘The Wonderful World’

The winner was Astrid F 3/4S

Night Sky 

In the fresh night sky

The bright glowing moon beamed down

Shining up the world

The cold dark rain fell

As the fiery winds blew

The thunder crashed

There was no one left

The buildings were crushed to bits

Everything was lost

All the hope was gone

Until they saw the light shine

The nature blossomed

The worm sun glowed down

The trees were as green as grass

It was all okay

Teamwork and Collaboration

Creativity, social skills, zen (peaceful/calm) time. These are a few things all school kids need to thrive. The grade 5 students chose to put these into practice on the last day of Term 3 under the sun.

We worked in teams of 3, one student from each grade to make these creations. We drew the colourful chalk zentangles on the ground. One of the reasons we did this activity was to bond with the other year fives and catch up with them before the holidays. It brought smiles to our faces while doing it. We used a lot of communication and teamwork while working through the process. It was great to have a nice creative break after a difficult term, and the quiet play area is the perfect place to enjoy the sun. This is how we enjoyed our last day of Term 3!

Susan, Eloise, Violet, and Hazel from 5CH

“Drawing and bonding under the sun was perfect!” – Susan, 5CH

“Drawing zentangles was an amazing relaxation activity. It was really fun, and made some of the other kids less hyper and more cheerful 😊” – Hazel, 5CH

“Drawing helped me to unwind after a long and exhausting term.” – Violet, 5CH

“Bonding with the other grade 5 classes is the best – you meet someone and become friends for life!!!” – Eloise, 5CH

Australian Maths Competition

At the start of August, 77 Kingsville students from Year 3 to 6 participated in the Australian Mathematics Competition. This was the equal highest number of Kingsville students to ever participate in the competition. We also had 20 students receive a distinction, which means they are in the top 20% of their year level and region. Well done to all of the wonderful Kingsville mathematicians who were risk-takers by taking on this challenge. After eagerly awaiting the results, we are proud to congratulate all the participants and announce the winners.

2023 KPS Champion

Louie L

Year 3 Champion

Fergus Mci

Year 4 Champion

Angus J

Year 5 Champion

Louie L

Year 6 Champion

Tahmid H




Congratulations to all the students who participated:

Year 3: Sam D, Ivy G, Hazel F, Naysa K, Harvey K, Kai L, Fergus McI, Jack M, Elliot M, Oscar M, George M, Ned O, Rees P, Maisie R, Felix R, Nicholas R, Archie S, Jaiden S, Reuben S, Zian T, Lochy W, Isabelle W

Year 4: Sajid B, Emil C, Flynn C, Sonny F, Andre H, Theo H, Hestan H, Jonas H, Elizabeth J, Angus J, Quinn K, Cooper L, Vivian L, Quincy M, Harriet N, Matilda R, Luke S

Year 5: Aizah F, Violet F, Thomas G, Eleanor H, Arthur J, Mia K, Noah L, Louie L, Sophie L, Polly M, Sophie M, Hazel M, Hamish M, Prem P, Pearl PF, Eloise R, Zane R

Year 6: Luna B, Joseph B, Marlo C, Robert D, Reuben F, Gauri G, Levi G, Tahmid H, Emma H, Byron L, Ryan L, Ben M, Sasha N, Andrew N, Alice O, Oliver P, Snithik R, Josie S, Alex S, Archie T, Phoenix V

These students will be celebrated at assembly next Friday 13th October.

Jennifer Duckworth

Numeracy Learning Specialist

1/2 Teacher

Referendum BBQ and Bake Stall

Kingsville Primary School is an AEC voting site for the upcoming Referendum scheduled for Saturday, 14th October.

As FOKPS has done previously, we will be holding a sausage sizzle and bake stall and need your help to cook, sell and bake.  To support this, we are seeking volunteers.

Please refer to a Compass post sent Thursday with a link to a volunteer sign up sheet.

Please also consider baking and donating items to our stall. Ideas include (but are not limited to) full cakes, slices, cupcakes, cookies, and jams/spices/pickles. Items can be delivered either on the morning of the referendum, or the day prior (Friday 13th) dropping them into the office. 
All goods must have an ingredient list attached.
Thank you very much in advance for your support.

FOKPS Committee

Kingsville Awards

Please see below the list of children who will be presented with their award at assembly on Friday 13th October:


Freddie F


Archie J


Taylor C & Matilda K


Sarah H


Scarlett D


Julian B


Louie J


William M


Eleanor E & Jack C


Beatrix L & Hugo B


Sam C & Hazel F


Khanh M


Lachlan G


Scarlett P


Naysa K


Harry B


Zane R


Atlas Ha


Anouk Dand Louis B


Marlo C


Alison T


Please see below the list of children who were presented with their award at assembly today, Friday 6th October:


Maggie W


Patrick P


Julian M


Hannah S


Nalah M


Isaac D’S & Poppy P


Lachlan S


Elsa O’B


Sam Dand Maggie W-V.


Vivian L


Astrid F  & Neenah C


Liam B-K


Amelia A


Summer W & James C


Sophie McC


Fatum I & Samuel K


Amelia T & Xavier M


Arie H & Julian D-B





Happy Birthday

16th September – 6th October

Happy Birthday to Felix Crawford, Edward Diener, Jack Lawson, Tali Tyler, Ruby Maxwell, Frankie Ross, Jordy Burgess, Natasha Ly, Jensen Tame, Matilda Kirby, Clementine Ireton, Eva Tyler, Alec Skladzien, Dana Eltayeb, Charlie Panton, Julian Millar, Aoife McKenzie, Theo Crawford, Hazel Friend, Molly Crisp, Freddie Fonteyne, Abi Martini, Tota Bushra, Cooper Cox, Arden Crimmins, Jack McSweeney, Sasha Ellis, Fatum Ibrahim, Rees Prius, Judah Mansfield, Gabe Mansfield.

Camp Australia

Dates to Remember Term 4


Wed 11th OctoberSmile Squad Evaluation Visit
Mon 16th OctoberSchool Council & Public Reporting Meeting
Thur 19th OctoberYear 1/2 Reptile Incursion
Mon 23rd OctoberFoundation Fire Ed


Tue 7th NovemberMelbourne Cup Public Holiday - No School
Fri 17th November2024 Foundation Transition - Session 1
Mon 20th NovemberStudent Free Day
Thur 23rd NovemberFoundation Fire Ed
Fri 24th Nov
2024 Foundation Transition - Session 2
KPS School Disco

Fri 1st December 20232024 Foundation Transition - Session 3
Mon 4th DecemberSchool Council
Fri 8th DecemberFoundation Breakfast
Tue 12th December
Year 6 to Year 7 Transition
KPS Step-Up Day
Fri 15th DecemberSemester 2 Student Reports shared with Community
Mon 18th DecemberYear 6 Graduation
Tue 19th December
Year 6 Adventure Park
Whole School Play Day
Casual Clothes Day
Wed 20th December
Last Day Term 4 - 1.30pm Dismissal
Casual Clothes Day

Term 4 Friday Assembly Roster

13th October - 3/4F
20th October - 1/2M
27th October - FRT
3rd November - 5CH
10th November - No Assembly Item (Tues 7th Nov - Public Holiday)
17th November - 3/4H
24th November - No Assembly Item (Mon 20th Nov - Student Free Day)
1st December - 1/2E
8th December - FMC
15th December - No Assembly Item