Newsletter 1st December 2023


Principal's Message

Today we welcome summer “officially”, hopefully this will bring a change in the weather and some sunshine we are craving! The start of December also means we now have, after today, only 13 school days left in 2023. With that said, there is still a large amount to achieve and celebrate over the next two- and a-bit weeks.

Our 2024 Foundation students completed their final transition session today, meeting for the first time their classmates and teachers, Frances Waugh, Mike Carey, Rosemary Talbot and Megan Chen, for next year. Thank you to Adeline, Eddie, Nazanin, (FFW) Austin, Liam, Albert (FRT) and Ally, William, Ivy (FRT) from our current Foundation cohort, who spoke of their experiences with the future Foundation parents. Thanks also to Yasmin, Caroline and Jake who spoke about their experiences as parents of students who have previously transitioned into school life, as well as volunteering as a parent at Kingsville. Thank you also to Mish who spoke about the classroom rep network opportunities. A final thanks to our outgoing school leaders, Ben and Amelia, who shared their experiences and anecdotes from their KPS journey.

At the other end of our school, our Year 6 students have much to look forward to in the coming weeks – recognition of the cohort as the Graduation Class of 2023 with their Graduation ceremony on Monday 18th December, followed the next day by a chance to “let their hair down” at Adventure Park, whilst the Foundation to Grade 5 students engage in KPS Play Day.

In 2024 Kingsville is expected to have around 470 children enrolled across the seven levels. In working to determine the school grade/class model in any year many factors need to be considered. Actual student numbers however at each level will always be a major impacting factor. In planning for 2024, the level structures will not change. In most years at Kingsville composite classes will be a feature along with shared classes i.e. more than one teacher. Kingsville has in fact a long history of utilizing composite classes and over the last 30 years 26 have seen composite/multi age groups.

In 2024 there will be 20 classrooms or as they are often referred to “communities of learners”.  four Foundation, five combined Level 1/2, five combined Level 3/4, three Level 5 and three Level 6 along with four specialist areas: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education and LOTE- Italian as “specialist” provision areas.

The model allows for numbers in each cohort to be well below the state average.

  • Foundation average – 17.75
  • Foundation – Year 6 average – 23.05

Placements of students into class groups is nearing completion in time for the “Step Up “experience for students on Tuesday 12th December. This is a very important component of the overall transition program at KPS.  Our staff have worked tirelessly over a number of months to develop structures and classes which address many complexities, keeping our students at the heart of decision making.  The students will meet their new teacher and classmates on Tuesday, 12th December and will bring home a letter outlining who their new teacher will be, along with a school map. As regular occurs in the life of a school, changes to level classroom locations will be a feature in 2024 as we look to optimise classroom spaces for student cohorts.

Jeff McDonald
Acting Principal


Step Up Experience

Step Up experience for students to their 2024 Class Groups

The Step-Up Program will take place on next Tuesday between 11.30a.m. and 1.30p.m. prior to this day teacher have and are talking to the children about the purpose The days leading up to the Step Up Program can be a little tense at times for students. The excitement builds and rumours abound about the teachers and the grades. This year is no different to any other and, the conversations and stories are all part of processing and dealing with the next important step in the 7-year journey of primary school.

The class groups by that time will have been determined after significant consideration by teachers and leadership. We expect that the students i.e., the members of these individual communities, will work together, forge new friendships, challenge and ‘stretch’ each other and grow together. No combination of students in any one year will be perfect in the sense of “the whole team played well” everyday however the combinations of personalities and the challenges of the day to day for F – Year 6 students should ensure growth, development and an increase in that vital personal resources that are described in the Learner Profile.

It is important for children to be able to talk about what lies ahead and of course they do like to make predictions. “I’m going to be with my friends ……”, “because I’m going to grade 5 I will be with …..”.  The “I bet you” statement, is also often heard in the playground at this stage of the year.

The reality is of course that the make-up of a class group takes into account a variety of factors and, expectations of students may not always be met.

What is important to remember with regard to all of this is the children are supported through this yearly transition/step up process. Parents can assist by chatting positively but informally with children about the move and the realities in a school of almost 470 children.

Who will my new teacher be?
We are hopeful that all 2024 staff will be available on that day to meet with students on step-up day. However, if for unforeseen reasons some grades have a stand in teacher it will be made clear to the students who their 2024 teacher will be.

Who the class teacher will be for your child or children of course is of interest but should not cause stress. All teachers at Kingsville have gained their positions whether contract or ongoing, through a comprehensive selection process based on merit. All Victorian Government school teachers in primary schools are classed as generalist teacher and as such are expected to have the capacity to take up teaching duties in any level or area of the school. Your child or children will benefit greatly from spending time with any KPS teacher as they facilitate the learning in Foundation – 6.


Getting Ready for 2024

Thinking about what lies ahead
Being reflective is a thinking skill that we practice explicitly. Each day our children and teachers spend some time in reflection making connections between experiences, events, thoughts and feelings that have occurred over time. Time, an abstract concept, is a little more concrete when considering events that have already happened.

So what happens when we ask our children to consider the future? Is this the process of acknowledging the past and planning, or maybe predicting, what might be about to happen? In the context of school many children are perhaps wondering what the next stage of their learning will be like. Who will be their friend in a new class, who will their teacher be, will it be different?

When considering the transition points within our children’s lives, we hope that our children view this process with optimism and excitement. We hope to provide the right opportunities for success, through building relationships, making connections and embracing change. Starting at a new school is a big step and we sometimes forget that for all children there are other significant transitions i.e. from the F-2 area to the 3-6 area. It is important to spend time considering the processes of change not just for our children but also for parents and staff.

At Kingsville we endeavour to empower the students in managing change. One of our successful initiatives is the Step Up Program. This program takes place towards the end of term four and all children will spend time on Tuesday 12th December in their new class groups with their 2024 teacher (please note some staff may not be able to attend due to their schools commitment). This experience provides opportunities to meet new classmates and talk about the similarities and differences in their new grades as well as becoming familiar with a new physical learning environment.

It is important as we move through this transition stage to reflect and be grateful for what has been

  • your classmates for providing an environment with diverse backgrounds and perspectives that stimulated learning and growth
  • your teachers for their dedication and for passing down knowledge, skills and attitudes to you
  • your best friends for being there for you whenever you need them
  • your friends you made and the possibility of them being your companions in life
  • your disappointment, so you know the things that matter to you most
  • your mistakes for helping you to improve and become better
  • life’s challenges for helping you grow and become who you are

Then having the right attitudes as we embark on this new adventure is key to success –

  • you can complain because the weather is rainy or, you can be thankful that the grass is getting watered for free
  • you can moan about the loss of friends from your class or, you can excitedly embark upon a quest to discover new relationships
  • you can complain because you didn’t get the teacher you wanted or, eagerly open your mind and fill it with rich new pieces of knowledge and experiences that they will offer

Parents can also support these milestones by talking positively to their children about the next stage of their learning journey. Engaging our children in the process empowers them to face the changes with confidence and gives them permission to accept the feelings and possible apprehensions that might arise along the way.

“Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out!” John Wooden, “Wizard of Westwood”, legendary American basketball coach and player.

Samuel Eason
Assistant Principal
PYP Coordinator

School Disco

Last Friday the disco working party of FOKPS and the school organised a student disco with the theme ‘bop til you drop’. Everyone was encouraged to wear casual clothes with a touch of neon. Some teachers and students went all out and looked fantastic by being covered from head to toe in bright coloured clothing.

The hall was decorated with disco balls, balloons, and streamers and looked amazing. We had a guest DJ called Kate who provided music, games and prizes to get us all up and dancing! She also handed out microphones for those students who wanted to sing along to the songs. All these wonderful elements brought the disco to life. For those that found the room a bit too noisy and crowed, the parents set up a chill out-zone where children could play quieter games, draw, and relax.

There was also a photo booth where students could take photos with their friends, making the photo fun by being able to dress up with wigs, big glasses and hats.

The disco was a great experience, and we would like to thank all the parents/carers who helped who organise, set up and make the day a memorable one for all the students at Kingsville Primary School.

Written on behalf of all the students at KPS
Issy C, Hattie F and Amber S - 5DS

Parent Helper Morning Tea

As we move towards the end of this year, we would like to invite parents/carers to our the Parent Helper Morning Tea. This is an opportunity for staff and Kingsville PS, as a whole, to thank all those parents and carers who have been able to support us through their volunteer work. This may have been in the classroom, on an incursion or excursion, or through the Friends of KPS fundraising events. We are inviting all those who have been able to help to come along on Thursday 14th December at 11am to join us in the staffroom for morning tea “on us”.

Could you please RSVP to Betty at the office by Monday 10th December if you are joining us in the staffroom. Please email – Subject ‘parent helpers morning tea’.

School Council News

Successful Projects - Locally Raised Funds

A huge thank you to all those members of the community who shared ideas, projects and concepts through the Project Nomination Form for consideration to be resourced by the money raised through fundraising by Friends of KPS this year.

It’s extremely exciting to be able to share with our KPS community that the first two successful projects, as agreed to by School Council, are upgrading the rebound wall with murals and artwork and installing a chalkboard gallery.

We are also hopeful of announcing other projects shortly after School Council unpacks costing and logistics of other submissions.Thanks again to all those who shared their projects. We’ll share more detail around what this may look like in 2024 shortly.

KPS School Council

Kingsville Primary School - School Council 2024

Are you interested?

School Councils play a key role in Victorian Government schools.

At Kingsville Primary School we have a long history of very successful and active governance teams who have helped establish the broad direction and vision for the school.

Successive councils have carried out their key roles effectively and in doing so enhanced the

Educational opportunities of our students over a long period of time.

The School Council election process in government schools begin straight away in Term 1 (see timeline below)

                    School Council Election Schedule 2024

Now until the first week of 2024 school year
  • raising community awareness regarding school council membership opportunities
  • providing details of school council vacancies – role of parent members, and expectation of members
  • setting up questions and answer opportunities via email and placing information on Compass
Wednesday 31st JanuaryCall for nominations
Wednesday 7th February

  • Nominations close 4pm
  • Display list of candidates, nominator & seconder
  • Declare new School Council if nominations accepted equal the number of vacancies
  • If the nominations are less than the number of vacancies in either category, call again for nominations for a 3 day period
Wednesday 14th  February
  • If no election / ballot required plan to hold the first School Council meeting of new School Councile. first special meeting to elect office bearers followed by first full normal meeting
If election / ballot required – current School Council meets for the last time on this day
Wednesday 21st February

Close of ballot for election (if required)

Thursday 22nd February

Count votes & declare poll (if required)

Friday 23rd February

New School Council able to meet from this date


11th March not available due to Public Holiday

First meeting of new school council if election / ballot required - to elect office bearers – followed by first full meeting of new school council

Thursday 28th March

Government compliance attained by due date -being March 31st

School Council Meeting Dates 2024

Note: the first meeting is set once the new school council is elected

Term 1TBDMonday 25th March 
Term 2Monday 13th MayMonday 17th June as (10/6 is a public holiday) 
Term 3Monday 5th AugustMonday 2nd September 
Term 4Monday 21st OctoberMonday 18th NovemberMonday 2nd December


Holiday Stall - Thursday 7th December

On Thursday 7th December, students will have the opportunity to purchase a gift for a family member or friend at the Holiday Stall at school. Items are varied and prices will range from $3 to $8. We are very lucky that both MYER and the Richardsons, who own, to have donated many gifts to our stall this year & the options are looking better than ever!

Each child will attend the stall with their grade to buy their present/s. Once all grades have had their turn, students will be invited back to purchase additional gifts at lunchtime if they wish. Money should be kept safe in a purse, wallet or labelled envelope. Please do not send money to school prior to the day of the stall. 

Ann Salmon
Friends of KPS

Kingsville Awards

Please see below the list of children who will be presented with their award at assembly on Friday 8th December:


Nini F


Isla M


Anouk H & Felix C


Sabrina A


Ruby F


Maisie H & Olivia MacM

Please see below the list of children who were presented with their award at assembly today, Friday 1st December:


Charlie K


Claudia N


Nick P


Amber S


Dylan V


Scarlett B


Happy Birthday - 18th November - 1st December

Happy Birthday to Archer M, Audrey H, Ike W, Deevon N, Amelie R, Maggie W-V, Scarlett B, Sababa T, Regina F-S, Ruby L, Charlie S, Abigail J, Isabel G, Jean S, Owen H, Luke E, Harry B, Jonas H, Ayat F, Isabella C, Maisie H, Avery K.


Dates to Remember


Mon 4th December
School Council

Thursday 7th DecemberHoliday Stall   
Fri 8th DecemberFoundation Breakfast   
Tue 12th December
Year 6 to Year 7 Transition
KPS Step-Up Day
Fri 15th December
Semester 2 Student Reports shared with Community

Mon 18th DecemberYear 6 Graduation   
Tue 19th December
Year 6 Adventure Park
Whole School Play Day
Casual Clothes Day
Wed 20th December
Last Day Term 4 - 1.30pm Dismissal
Casual Clothes Day

Term 4 Friday Assembly Roster

8th December - 12E
15th December - No Assembly Item

2023 Term Dates
Term 4            Monday 2 October to Wednesday 20 December

2024 Term Dates
Term 1            Tuesday 30th January to Thursday 28th March
Term 2            Monday 15th April to Friday 28th June
Term 3            Monday 15th July to Friday 20th September
Term 4            Monday 7th October to Friday 20th December

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