Principal's Message

What a wonderful welcome I have had from all the students, staff and families of Kingsville Primary School. On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to be given an expert tour of the school and all of the classrooms from two of our school captains Louie and Willy. I think that I can now confidently locate every fire hydrant and evacuation map in the school-  which actually became  very handy during our fire drill on Thursday! Thanks to the boys, I also now have a very good understanding of the nuances of the yard at each break time – in particular who can play where, for how long and on which days!

Whilst on the tour, and from being out and about in the school the remainder of the week, I feel real sense of pride from all the students and teachers in their school. I have had many students wanting to show me special places in the yard and some of the work that they had been doing. The effort that students and staff have gone to, to make sure I have what I need and that I am comfortable in the environment has given me the warm and fuzzies…. and let’s not get me started on that beautiful welcome from the Foundation students at assembly this morning…!

For me, the highlight of my job is the fact that I get to meet, understand and know everyone in our community. Getting to know the staff and students is the easiest, as I can just wander outside and bump into someone to talk to. Making those connections with families is a little tricker given the complexities of work and life. So… I was thrilled when reading the school’s Annual Implementation Plan to see that community engagement was a high priority for KPS in 2024. Speaking with Jeff and Sam, we thought this a perfect opportunity so create a parent survey that would serve two purposes. One- to help me get to know the wider school community, and two- to be able to gather your input on the work that we can undertake in this area over the coming term.

Below you will find a link to a google form (which I have all my fingers crossed will work!) that we would love you to fill out. The form in anonymous and designed to allow you the space to express your thoughts and ideas. As a school the aim would then be to look for trends, common ideas and inspiration that we could use to work alongside our school council and plan some actions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this, I really look forward to beginning some great work with you all!

Wishing you all a restful weekend!

Emma Vasilevski
Acting Principal

Empowering Our School Community through Restorative Practice: A Partnership with Real School

We are excited to announce a partnership aimed at strengthening our school community and fostering positive relationships among students, staff, and families. In collaboration with Real Schools, we are embarking on a journey to further develop and implement restorative practices within our school.

Restorative practice is not just a disciplinary approach; it's a philosophy centered around building and repairing relationships, fostering empathy and accountability, and creating a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued. It empowers individuals to resolve conflicts peacefully, learn from mistakes, and grow together as a community.

Real Schools, a leading organization in the field of restorative practices, will be guiding us through this transformative journey. Their expertise and resources will support us in embedding restorative principles into our everyday interactions, classroom culture, and school policies.

Through a series of workshops, training sessions, and ongoing support, our staff will learn practical strategies for implementing restorative practice in their classrooms and beyond. These sessions will cover topics such as circle time, restorative language, conflict resolution, and restorative conferences.

But restorative practice isn't just for staff—it's for everyone in our school community. Students will be actively involved in the process, learning how to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts constructively, and take ownership of their actions. We will also engage parents and caregivers, inviting them to participate in workshops and information sessions to ensure a collaborative approach to building a restorative culture at home and at school.

Together, we will create a safe, supportive, and respectful learning environment where every member of our school community feels heard, understood, and valued. We are excited about the positive impact that restorative practice will have on our school culture and look forward to embarking on this journey with Real Schools.

Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved in our restorative practice journey!

Sam Eason
Assistant Principal


Parent and Carer Inductions Update

We are very excited to officially “launch” our new induction process for 2024. Drawing on community feedback we have moved inductions online, allowing for parents and carers to access and complete their induction at their own convenience.

We recognise the significant work our parent and carer community do in volunteering their time to support KPS, in and outside of classrooms. Without your support, many of the activities and events we undertake would not be the success they are.

The online induction includes all the required compliances, as well as giving parents and carers some information on how they could volunteer at KPS.

There are three components to our induction process:

  • Child Safe Standards
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Volunteering work at KPS

Each of these components has a short video covering the key components and compliances required. These videos are followed by a short questionnaire to ensure that all volunteers are aware of their responsibilities when volunteering their time at KPS.

If you have any questions, feedback or follow up, please feel free to email me: or call KPS on 9314 5869



Volunteer Induction Form Link

Click HERE to complete the Volunteer Induction form via our website.

Class Groups & Volunteers Update

2024 WhatsApp Class Groups

  • All of the 2024 WhatsApp class groups have been set up and class reps allocated
  • All parents who have opted in, have been added to groups
  • If you would like to be added to your class group, please text Mish (0404 098 174), and include; your name, your child’s name, and what class they are in (ie. 34H)
  • You will also be required to fill in a contact permission form (link will be provided)

KPS Parent Volunteers

  • Throughout the year there are many parent volunteer opportunities at KPS
  • These include FOKPS fundraisers, in-classroom helpers, incursions, excursions, sport events, and many more!
  • To become a parent volunteer you must have:
  1. A working with children check (WWCC) - apply for free here:
  2. Completed the KPS online induction - see Sam’s earlier note in the newsletter. This must be completed annually.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

KPS Library Helpers

  • Rotating parent roster to help out with;
    • Cleaning up book shelves & library (returning books into right spots / taking books off shelves that have had their day, general tidy up & making it look inviting for the kids)
    • Helping contact new books and re-stocking shelves
    • Setting up displays / themes for 'books of the week’
    • You must have a wwcc & have completed the KPS induction
  • Sign Up here: & then Mish will be in contact with you.

In-Classroom Helpers

  • In Term 2, Teachers will be asking for parent helpers in-classrooms to help out with reading, writing, maths and other activities
  • You must have a WWCC & have completed the KPS induction in order to help out in your child’s class, so it's best to get these completed before the start of term.


NAPLAN at Kingsville Primary School

Congratulations to our Year 3 and 5 students who confidently participated in NAPLAN testing this week. Thank you to Blagma and Sam, the NAPLAN coordinators, and the classroom teachers in levels 3 and 5 who have made sure all resources have been provided for the students and that the students have entered this experience with confidence and courage. Blagma and our IT technician Seph have worked ‘above and beyond’ expected hours, to ensure that the devices required for students were set up ready to go.

Thank you to all the Kingsville staff who have supported the assessments directly by taking on set roles as well as indirectly by the support and flexibility shown which, has contributed to the overall success of this undertaking. 

My appreciation also to KPS families for the support of your children our students, in years 3 and 5 at this important time.

With regard to NAPLAN overall it is important for us all to remember that this is not a pass or fail scenario. NAPLAN simply looks at and measures the level students are achieving in Literacy and Numeracy against National Standards and, in comparison to student peers across Australia. It is in fact just one part of overall assessment data available to teachers and schools.

We can all empathise with sitting a test and remember that we made every effort to show our best on that day with the skills and knowledge acquired up to that point. Whatever results come out of this point in time assessment the message should be “Do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all the world there is no other child exactly like you. In the millions of years that have passed, there has never been another child exactly like you”. The NAPLAN test results give you some very specific information about your child in the areas of Numeracy and Literacy, but it can’t say everything about who your child is and what they have achieved. There is so much more to describe who they are that can’t be shown in these scores. Literacy and numeracy skill and knowledge attainments are unique to us all and this point in time information should be used to inspire your child to do even better in literacy and numeracy no matter where they sit. If it does not turn out as they hoped, don't dwell so much on the pain but focus on the lessons learned. Therein lies their strength to rise above all odds. Their best is yet to come.

Academic rigour is important, but we are also witnessing during these times the importance of children being physically part of a school community. Something that we are now realising is as significantly as important as the academic rigour drivers in a school community. The school space where interaction can take place brings a sense of belonging, routine, and predictability. All things that impact upon social and emotional wellbeing and when in place generally students put in more effort and are more motivated to actively engage in academic and non-academic activities.

An IB world school has in its mission the ideals of developing the whole child and allowing each individual to develop and grow student’s progress towards obtaining a “holistic education, including academic achievement’’. It recognizes children’s emergent identities and competencies, valuing children both for who they were, who they are in the present and who they will become in the future.  The NAPLAN test provides an academic understanding at a point in time as does any academic report throughout a child’s education, but school also play a significant role in developing values and attributes that develop student’s life skills of being a human

Sam Eason
Assistant Principal/PYP coordinator

Hot March Night

With the weather favouring us this time, the highly anticipated "hottest night" of the year was a wonderfully warm evening for all who attended. The delightful weather served as the perfect backdrop for a night that exceeded all expectations with the school community embraced the event with enthusiasm and joy.

The warmth of the weather mirrored the warmth of the atmosphere as parents, carers, and students embraced the festivities’ planned by the FOKPS Hot March Night working party . It was heartening to witness everyone immersing themselves in the spirit of camaraderie and fun. Their collective energy and excitement transformed the evening into a resounding success.

Credit for the success of the event goes to the dedicated efforts of various groups within our school community. The Friends of KPS (FOKPS) School Council subcommittee, alongside the HMN team and numerous volunteers, worked tirelessly behind the scenes and hour leading up to the event to ensure everything ran smoothly.

The positive outcome of the night is a testament to the wonderful families of our school community who tuned out to enjoy the night in the company of others’ who call Kingsville Primary School their local school. Heartfelt gratitude goes out to all who attended the event, contributing to its vibrancy and joy. It was truly a wonderful opportunity for the school community to come together, unrestricted by previous constraints. Such occasions not only foster engagement but also strengthen the bonds that unite us, nurturing our school's culture, traditions, values, and relationships.

Jeff McDonald
Assistant Principal


School Council News - FOKPS

Hot March Night - Your Feedback Please!

What a great night; we hope you really enjoyed it all. While fundraising is a core component of Friends of KPS, our focus is also on building school community and that was very much at the heart of any decisions we made when putting on the event this year.

It’s safe to say the KPS community embraces Hot March Night; it was a sold-out event of 800+ parents, carers and families, raising more than $8000. 

It’s nothing without volunteer support – let’s take a moment to acknowledge committees and volunteers of previous Hot March Night’s as well as shout out to those who played a role this year.

Whether you turned a snag, sold a plant or book, wrangled kids at Lob A Choc, took a photo at the selfie stand, or brought your band and performed (!) every contribution counts. And special shout out to the quick thinking Dad who bought in an emergency BBQ ? at the eleventh hour. 

As an all new committee, we tried a few new things this year, we’d love to hear what you think – please take a few minutes to complete this survey. 

Here’s to HMN 25!

Friends of KPS
HMN Working Party 2024
(Anna McRae, Bek Plieger, Daniella Jovancevska, Tina McElligott, Lizzy Williams, Olivia Blair, Jo Skladzien)

National Ride2School Day - Friday 22nd March

Not only is active travel good for your health, but it’s also good for the environment too!

Did you know?                                                                                      
For every kilometre you actively travel instead of driving, you save 243.8 grams of carbon emissions.
But what does that actually mean?

On National Ride2School Day 2024, students across Australia saved 28 tonnes of CO2 by actively travelling to school – the equivalent of planting 195 trees. That’s only one day. Imagine if we did that every day of the school year. Over a year we’d save 5,600 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent of planting 39,000 trees!

National Ride2School Day is the perfect opportunity for Australian students and school communities to embrace a healthier start and to try walking and riding to school for themselves. Walking, Riding or Scooting to school can improve children’s health and wellbeing. The Australian Department of Health and Ageing recommends children do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Children who walk, cycle or scoot to and from school have higher levels of physical activity and improved cardiovascular fitness than children who don’t.

More than 870 schools and 360,000 students took part in National Ride2School Day in 2023. Overcrowded bike sheds, proud parents and celebratory breakfasts were the result across the country.

In Victoria, a record-breaking 500 schools got involved in the day.

Around 25% of children in Australia walk or ride to school, a marked decline from around 80% in the 1970s.

At Kingsville we promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage everyone to walk, ride or scoot to school as regularly as possible. This day is all about encouraging students (and their families) to leave the car at home and get a taste of the benefits, ease and fun involved in choosing to walk or wheel.

The experience of being involved in the day may encourage children and their families to make travelling to school a walking or wheeling option. However, it is important that as a community we are aware of the safest way to walk or wheel to school.

Walking or Wheeling Safety Tips

  • Cross only at corners or marked crosswalks. (If there is a crosswalk button, press the button and wait for the walk sign to indicate that it is safe to cross.)
  • Stop at the curb or edge of the road, look left, then right, and then left again before you step into the street. If a car is parked where you are crossing, make sure there is no driver in the car. Then go to the edge of the car and look left right-left until no cars are coming. Keep looking for cars while you are crossing
  • Walk, don’t run. This gives time for drivers to see you before you enter the roadway

Walking or wheeling to school is something everybody can be involved in. Younger children are encouraged to walk or wheel with their parents, and older children on their own when parents decide it’s safe. Common parent concerns about letting their children walk or wheel to school alone fade away when parents walk or wheel with their children from a young age, teach them about walking or wheeling safely, and gain confidence in their children’s safety sense.

Directions on the morning of March 22nd:

Gates will be open at 8:45am except for Somerville Road which will still be open at 8:30am. Please be aware and walk around to another gate if there is any congestion. To help ease the bike and scooter traffic entering the school students will store their bikes, scooters or other “wheels” close to the gates they entered through. We will have some Grade 6 students to help out with directing students.

Please remember everyone needs to walk their bikes and scooters across the pedestrian crossings on Somerville Rd and Julian Street and once inside the school grounds.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact Frances Waugh. (Ride to School Co-ordinators)

Frances Waugh
FFW classroom teacher and (Ride to School Co-ordinators)

Independent Reading & Text Selection

It is well known that reading opens up a whole new world of knowledge, creativity, and imagination. At Kingsville Primary School, we encourage our students to read every day, both at school and home. Books are a great sources of entertainment, and reading every day helps to build vocabulary, improve focus and concentration, and develop critical thinking skills.

Through fiction and non-fiction texts, students have the opportunity to explore various themes, ideas, and perspectives. Teachers strive to select texts for our class and school libraries that are appropriate for our young readers, including stories with strong literary value and informational texts that are accurate, well-written, and engaging. We kindly ask parents and carers to join us in monitoring their child's reading choices to ensure a positive reading experience.

Lauren Anile
Literacy Learning Specialist

Easter Hat Parade - Reminder

Our Traditional Yearly Easter Hat Parade that occurs at the school on the last day of term, Thursday 28th March is fast approaching. Hopefully students have been thinking about their creations and are gathering up the materials and resources to construct their Easter bonnet.

Preparing for the millinery event of the year

  • forget Cup Day, Oaks Day or other - the KPS Easter Hat Parade is the only one worth mentioning
  • we as in all years hope for full participation from students and all grade levels
  • parents / carers / other family members attending will hopefully also wear an Easter bonnet or their version of it to be part of this celebration 

Parade Details

  • Date:           Thursday 28th March 
  • Time:           11:40am – 1pm approximately
  • Location:     in the Monday morning assembly area in front of the deck
  • Entry:          via the Somerville Rd or Julian Street gates - visitors do not need to sign into the school for this event
  • Audience:   parents, grandparents, family and friends

Also, see Newsletter of March 1st which provided details regarding the Easter Hat parade to be held on Thursday 28th March.

Head bunny (Principal) is hopeful that construction of the Easter millinery is well under way.

Friday Morning Full School Assembly

Due to Foundation – 4 swimming program beginning March 18th through to March 27th there will be no Friday school assembly on Friday 22nd March.

An opportunity to get together as a whole school to celebrate the end of first term will occur on Thursday 28th March at the Easter Hat Parade beginning at approximately 11.40am at the Monday morning assembly area.   

Thank you to parents / carers and extended family members who have been in the audience and part of the Friday assemblies that have taken place during term 1.

House Captains Announcement

Last Friday at assembly, the House leaders were presented to the school, and they received tier House leaders’ badge.  Assisting in the presentation was a short scene setting the story, by our two school leaders, Eloise and Alice. Their introduction went like this…

“Let’s talk about what makes a GREAT House Captain.  We’ll start with the basics. One of a House Captain’s most important jobs is to lead their house to VICTORY! Victory can look like many things. Having good sportsmanship, supporting everyone no matter who they are, and enjoying being part of the amazing community we have here at KPS are just a few examples of victory. House Captains should be the light in the darkness and guide their house to success.

At lunchtime and recess, House Captains open the shed.  For the first 5 – 10 minutes of play, they will be at the shed, ready to lend you any available equipment. Remember to always return what you’ve used and thank our House Captains for making play more fun for you and your buddies!!!!!!!

They also have very important traits! Our House Captains are brilliant role models because they show all the PYP learner attributes. They are caring, balanced, principled, open-minded, courageous, and knowledgeable. House Captains are thinkers, inquirers and amazing communicators! Wow, we’re lucky, aren’t we? We got them all in one bundle!

That’s why we’re so lucky to have this bunch as our House Captains! They're everything you could ever need for your houses, and more! They will stand up for you, support you, and, most importantly, RESPECT YOU. Please pay all the things they do for you forward, meaning if these people are kind to you, you can be kind to the WORLD! Thanks for your time and enjoy your years at Kingsville.”

We are excited to announce the elected House leaders for 2024 are:

Somerville House

Captains:  Rosamund H and Arthur J
Vice Captains:  Tom G and Essie J

Julian House

Captains:  Flynn B and Cassie P
Vice Captains:  Summer W and Austin B

Bishop House

Captains:  Noah L and Elli M
Vice Captains:
  Beatrix M and Henry S

Cruickshank House

Captains:  Atlas H and Violet F
Vice Captains:  Prem P and Issy C

Below is a photo of our growing student leadership team.

Kingsville Awards

Please see below the list of children who were presented with their award at assembly today Friday 15th March:  


Emma H 


Sabrina A


Xavier C


River M


Milla J


Jack Mc


Jessica E


Clementine I


Henry M


Mae S


Bastian B

Please see below the list of children who will be presented with their award on Friday 19th April:


Henry M


Matilda E


Lola Mc


Christina T


Sophie Mc


Erica H


Mia K


Happy Birthday - 16th -29th March

Happy Birthday to Macy R, Poppy B, Olivia M, Hazel J, Matilda E, Freya G, Marsal S, Amelia W, Abir N, Celia C, Zoe A-N, Neave F, Devon H, Sophia Y, William H, Yonatan Z, Kingston L, Orlando P, Bonnie S, Taylor C, Eddie R, Jai C.

Dates to Remember

MARCH 2024
Mon 18th - Wed 26th March

F-Year 4 Water Safety   
Friday 22nd MarchNational Ride2School Day   
Thur 28th March
Easter Hat Parade - 11.40am
Last Day Term 1 - 2.30pm finish

APRIL 2024
Mon 15th AprilFirst day of Term 2   

2024 Student Free Days

Term 2 - Friday 7th June
Term 4 - Monday 18th November

2024 Term Dates
Term 1            Tuesday 30th January to Thursday 28th March
Term 2            Monday 15th April to Friday 28th June
Term 3            Monday 15th July to Friday 20th September
Term 4            Monday 7th October to Friday 20th December

Roster for Assembly Items - Term 1

22nd Mar - No assembly
28th Mar - Last day of Term 1 - Easter Hat Parade

Camp Australia Newsletter 15th March

Click HERE for more information.