Kingsville Primary School Enrolment Process and Procedures

Kingsville Primary School is a government primary school in the Yarraville area. The school is in its 100th year with a current enrolment of 656. 

To search for your local goverment school please follow the Victorian Education Department link  findmyschool.vic.gov.au

Information for prospective 2020  Foundation enrolments

In 2019 school tours during the day will be replaced by an evening information session and  'tour' opportunity on Wednesday May 8th from 7p.m. until 8p.m. All prospective parents are welcome to take advantage of and, attend this session and tours.  It is important to note however that for 2020 very few outside of neighbourhood (zone) places are expected to be available. There may be a second opportunity for a tour evening to be held later in the year. No date has been set and if this is to go ahead it will be advertised on the website later in the year.

If you wish to attend the information evening/tours on Wednesday May 8th please reply to kingsville.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au with a subject line of '2020 Information Session/Tour evening'.

Schools in the Yarraville area all follow the Victorian government expectations with regard to enrolment of students being that:


  • in Victoria all school aged children have a designated neighbourhood government school
  • some schools will have a designated neighbourhood school boundary
  • the deemed neighbourhood school is defined as the nearest school to the student’s permanent address
  • in metropolitan areas this is the nearest school in a straight line from the student’s permanent residence
  • Government expectations are (if children are being schooled in the Government system) that they attend this neighbourhood school
  • each school has a government determined student capacity number
  • when that capacity number is reached enforcement of a neighbourhood boundary policy may be applied for and approved by a Regional Director
  • this neighbourhood boundary is not, always permanent and may be in existence or not depending upon the current enrolment and the government determined enrolment capacity of the school
  • in the past this may have been referred to as zoning


Kingsville Primary School context 2019

  • currently KPS does not have an enforced neighbourhood boundary (or restricted zone) however, we are moving closer to our determined capacity
  • procedures, policies and actions at every school manage enrolments and, must ensure that children who live in the school neighbourhood area have access to a  place at their neighbourhood school  at any time of the year that a request is made
  • schools such as Kingsville that currently do not have an enforced neighbourhood boundary (or restricted zone), may consider enrolment requests from parents outside of their designated neighbourhood area
  • there is a set process at Kingsville Primary School for this which includes providing  the opportunity to fill in an expression of interest form – these forms are available upon request from the main office
  • moving closer to determined capacity however, means offering such places at KPS will be increasingly less – and, any offers of places for families living outside of the neighbourhood area cannot be made until well into term 4 2019


Enrolling a sibling or students where Kingsville is their closest neighbourhood school.

Stage 1 – Collecting your enrolment pack.

Begins after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend: 10th June, 2019

Provide the office with a photo identification document (drivers licence) and a utilities statement that shows your primary residence location. This residential address would indicate that Kingsville is your closest neighbourhood school.

Collect the enrolment pack from the office and complete and collect the enrolment documents outlined on the checklist being:

  • enrolment form
  • acceptable use agreement for ITC form
  • permission to use student image form
  • immunization certificate from Medicare
  • proof of birth - birth certificate (child must be at least 5 years of age by the 30th April of the year admission is sought)
  • home, work, and mobile numbers of parents/guardians
  • details of medical or other conditions which may require the child to have special consideration
  • proof of Australian residency or appropriate visa that would allow for enrolment (non fee paying) in an Australian government school if born outside of Australia details of and as appropriate
  • copies of any legal documents relating to custody or parent access regarding child/children
  • emergency contact numbers – at least 2 (not parents)


Stage 2: Making an enrolment appointment

Ring the school and make an appointment to enrol your child. Please note: all new families enrolling at Kingsville must make this appointment. Parents who already have a child at KPS and will be enrolling a sibling for 2020 may wish to make an appointment if there is relevant and important information to be discussed during the enrolment process for the new enrolment.


Stage 3: Enrolling your child at Kingsville Primary School

Begins during Term 3 from 22nd July.

Attend an enrolment meeting with a member of the leadership of the school (either the Principal, an Assistant Principal or a Leading Teacher). At your appointment you should bring all your paperwork completed to your best ability. Having your child at the enrolment meeting is required. This is an important rite of passage and they should participate in the process.


Looking at enrolling a student where Kingsville is not your closest neighbourhood school.

Stage 1: Book in and attend the information night or session of your closest neighbourhood school.

Stage 2: Collect from the office an ‘expression of interest’ form and complete.

Stage 3: Return the completed expression of interest form to the office. Please note: a decision on your application being successful will be made in mid to late Term 4.