School Council

The role of the School Council is to serve the interests of Kingsville Primary School students and staff and promote the school in the wider community.


Kingsville Primary School has an active school council whose primary responsibility is to determine policy and direction in order to ensure the provision of a quality education for all students.


The School Council is a legally constituted body obligated under the Education and Training Reform Act (2006) to fulfil the following responsibilities:

  • develop the Strategic Plan (what the school wants to achieve and how it plans to get there)
  • approve the annual budget
  • develop and review policies
  • administer the school’s finances
  • develop, review and monitor the school’s student code of conduct and the dress code
  • raise money to support school needs
  • principal selection
  • develop and maintain the school buildings and grounds
  • create interest in the school within the community
  • report annually to the school community regarding its achievements


At Kingsville, the School Council meets at least eight times a year for about two hours. Elections are held at the beginning of each school year.


The Council has several sub-committees which focus on defined areas and report back and make recommendations for the Council’s consideration in areas of policy development, buildings and grounds, community and public relations, finance, and fundraising.


For those interested in supporting their knowledge, understanding and skills of being a school council member.  Information can be found on the School Council - Training and Good Governance Webpage.


School Council Training and Good Governance Policy


Kingsville School Council Standing Orders


A school council may develop and approve standing orders to assist in the effective and efficient operations of meetings.


Standing Orders typically include a description of meeting procedures, such as the:

  • length of meetings
  • agenda
  • minutes
  • quorum requirements
  • meetings arrangements
  • open and closed meetings
  • effecting decision-making
  • member absence from meetings
  • arrangements for extensions of meeting
  • meeting etiquette


Copy of Kingsville Primary School Standing Orders can be found here:  Standing Orders