Lunchtime Clubs

At Kingsville Primary, we recognising the importance of play in children’s lives, as a school we have worked hard to promote positive and quality play opportunities. We believe that play is at the very heart of our development of child initiated learning and that we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone has sufficient time and space to explore and participate in a range of play activities as part of their education and in pursuit of developing the whole child.


The school playground has been designed to support the engagement of all students during lunchtime by providing a number of different zones or spaces that are used for different purposes.

This includes:

junior and senior play equipment for students to climb, hang and balance

artificial grassed oval for team sports

sand pits

downball wall

quiet play area

stages and platforms for dancing and drama

grassed areas for sitting and lounging

kitchen garden


During lunchtimes, our students also have the opportunity to join one of many lunchtime clubs or activities on offer, that support the students in socialising with different groups and learning and enjoying different skills.


Developing these lunchtime activities is an ongoing process every year around the resources that are available, in particular human resources. We currently have a number of activities that are happening, such as the school choir and the construction play equipment that is now available every break time in the quiet play area.


Lunchtime activities and clubs offered give students the opportunity to engage and participate in activities that they enjoy and are passionate about, socialise with groups of multi-age students, ‘take a break’ from the playground or try something new.


Our teachers and support staff at Kingsville dedicate their lunchtimes to run clubs for the students as places where they can feel connected and part of a group that share similar interests. We are lucky at Kingsville Primary School to have such dedicated, enthusiastic and talented staff at our school,  that are willing to share their time, skills and expertise with our students.


There are a number of activities and clubs available to students to participate in this term, including Origami, Guided Drawing, Lego, Library, Choir, Guitar, Open Art Studio, Robotics and Mindful Colouring. These activities will be run by classroom teachers and conducted across the week, some open for specific levels of children others for anyone who is interested.

Current lunchtime clubs run by students are craft, cricket club, dance, sports, Rubik's Cube, Gardening, Karaoke and Basketball.